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CPE Embedded Systems engineer (Relocation to USA)



от 6 лет




полный рабочий день

  • Ability to implement embedded system such as Set-Top-Boxes‚ Wireless CPE‚ Modems and Residential Gateways‚ Network Appliances and low-level systems solutions.
  • Experience with embedded hardware development (schematic design & PCB layout design) and diagnostic. Tools example: PROTEL / Altium (for design)‚ Assembly and C (for FPGA based hardware diagnostic). Customize kernel start-up.
  • Experience with Cross-platform development /debug environment and GNU Tool Chains establishing
  • Experience with Board bring-up: uCLinux board support package (BSP)‚ first boot loader (PPC u-boot‚ ARM u-boot)‚ uCLinux 2nd boot loader for code relocation‚ customizing uCLinux system boot-up‚ flash driver for loading very first images‚ hardware board diagnostic (FPGA validation‚ schematic /PCB) using SW (Assembly and / or C) and /or HW (logic analyzer‚ oscilloscopes)
  • Experience with uCLinux / Linux kernel‚ integrating and troubleshooting embedded system with u-boot‚ Linux‚ JTAG debugger‚ test. Experience with uCLinux / Linux device drivers (Char‚ Block‚ Network) troubleshooting and debugging
  • Experience with embedded Linux system tuning‚ optimization‚ profiling‚ test‚ debugging such as file system‚ scheduler‚ kernel internals‚ system calls‚ storage and cache
  • Experience and strong skills on ARM9/11‚ cortex R4/A9/A15 (ARM v7 core)‚ PowerPC‚ COLDFILE‚ Intel‚ MCS-51 Platform‚ Strong skills on embedded C‚ shell script including GNU MAKEFILE
  • Analyzer Tools: TS Reader Pro‚ WireShark and TeKtronix MP2TS
  • Debug and test embedded systems‚ both on hardware and software.
  • Solid understanding of an embedded system development life cycle‚ both on hardware and software.
  • Good troubleshooting skills and problem-solving skills in embedded and overall systems administration.
  • Good understanding of embedded HW and SW including boot loader‚ uCLinux and Linux kernel structure‚ internals‚ file systems‚ device drivers‚ Linux system tuning‚ debugging‚ optimization‚ profiling‚ test.
  • Good understanding of a system-level design of an embedded product life cycle‚ starting from design requirements /custom needs.
  • Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with client
  • Usage of the latest technologies and tools
  • State of the art‚ cool‚ centrally located offices with warm atmosphere which creates really good working conditions
  • High salary

Место работы:

  • Москва, м. Кожуховская, 2-й Южнопортовый проезд 18, стр. 2
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