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резюме (Head of the clients department, account manager)

38 лет, мужчина


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Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Head of the clients department, account manager
140 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день, свободный график, сменный график, частичная занятость, удаленная работа. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
7 лет
Профессиональные навыки

I have fruitful practical experience in organizing and managing a department (organizing department from scratch included). Work planning and staff training. Capable of setting-up a good team. Solution of organizational and managerial issues.

Development of documents circulation, compiling duty regulations. Preparation of agreements and business offers in Russian and in English. Taking part in the elaboration of technical requirements for establishing the Company’s database. Preparation and structuring of the information for setting-up the site of the company.

Dealing with claims and settlement of conflict situations (both with individuals and companies), quality control of rendered services.

Analyzing activity of the competitors for the purpose of strategy development; elaboration of pricing policy, segmentation of consumers.

Experience in searching and successful negotiations with KEY/VIP clients and contractors (including foreign companies – in English), with following signing of agreements.
Ability to master new field peculiarities of the company.


MS Office (Word, Excel, Access), 1C Enterprise, Power point, Outlook, Lotus, Internet, Axapta (Microsoft dynamics AX 4.0) – advanced user.
15/12/2009 – 18/12/2009 – courses at GOU DPO GASIS, specialization: “EIS AHML: theoretical basis and practical skills”.
04/12/2010 – 25/12/2010 – courses “Specialist” at MGTU named after Bauman N.E., specialization: “Setup of personal computers and laptops under control of Windows 7/Vista/XP”
Основное образование
Высшее , Moscow Humanitarian and Economical Institute, Economics and management , 2003
Опыт работы

2016, август — продолжаю работать, 1 год 1 мес

Head of the special project service department

"MLDC-NT" Ltd.

Другое , Москва , http://mldc-nt.ru/en/

Launch of the new project in the field of medical assistance; elaboration of algorithms of interaction, accountability; implementation of automation in processing data.


2007, апрель — 2015, ноябрь, 8 лет

Head of client’s department

“ATTA Mortgage” Ltd. (Refinancing and maintenance of mortgage products)

Moscow , http://www.attaipoteka.ru

Contractor’s activity monitoring, solution of disputable issues. Exercising control over fulfillment of established regulations, dealing with claims. Preparation information and draft resolutions for the risk committees.
Maintenance of the database of agreements. Work with arrears.
Management of the mortgaging real estate unrealized from the public auction. Control of debt on utility bills. Organization of work on eviction of debtors. Giving reports on functioning of the section. Number of subordinates: 2 people.


2008, август — 2008, декабрь, 4 мес

Head of bargain organization section of client’s department

В той же компании: “ATTA Mortgage” Ltd. (Refinancing and maintenance of mortgage products)

Planning and coordinating plans for supplying/redemption mortgage products with partners. Distribution and control over fulfillment of tasks among subordinates. Preparation reports on carried out transactions and composing plans for the leaders of the company; collecting and processing information about quality of the offered mortgage “products”. Elaborating regulations, application of the new procedure in giving credit files through FTP. Working on certification of the contractors. Organizing sales transaction of the mortgages.
Business trips for the purpose of control over conducting credit files and their preparation for transfer to the new service companies.
Organization and carrying out transactions on sale of mortgages to investors: compensation coordination, and also volumes and terms of carrying out transactions. Number of subordinates: 4 people.


2007, апрель — 2008, июль, 1 год 3 мес

Chief specialist of development department

В той же компании: “ATTA Mortgage” Ltd. (Refinancing and maintenance of mortgage products)

Control over timeliness and presence of credit files and carrying out primary examination; consulting partners concerning issuing and refinancing mortgages; teaching partners to work with database. Carrying out training of partner during seminars. Rewarded with diploma for the effective performance. Number of subordinates: 2 people.


2006, ноябрь — 2007, январь, 2 мес

Head of operation department

Company "Service INTERASSIST Ltd." (Assistance company involved in settlement of insured accident


Staff training; making decisions on settlement of insurance cases; making up schedules of duties; elaboration of documents circulation. Number of subordinates: 8 people.


2006, ноябрь — 2007, январь, 2 мес

Head of network department

В той же компании: Company "Service INTERASSIST Ltd." (Assistance company involved in settlement of insured accident

Coordination, planning and management of the department; verification of fulfillment of contractual obligations from the direction of hospitals situated in Russia and abroad and of insurance companies; negotiations and concordance of prices with foreign contractors; development of instructions on the procedure of collaboration with insurance companies.


2005, сентябрь — 2006, май, 8 мес

Head of the VZR (travelers abroad) department

Life Assistance Ltd. (Assistance company involved in settlement of insured accidents)


Work of the department was set up from scratch: fully developed documents circulation (prepared contracts and commercial offers in Russian and in English). Staff training was performed. Searching for partners and negotiating - agreements were signed with foreign providers for client servicing abroad. Mutually satisfying negotiations with insurance companies were carried on.
Development program of the technical assistance department was elaborated. The monitoring of documents circulation was organized. New price policy was offered on the basis of carried out monitoring of the market, a motion on creation of our own "product line" was introduced. Number of subordinates: 8 people.


2004, декабрь — 2005, сентябрь, 9 мес

Regional manager

Representative office of FPH "GazKomplektService Ltd." (Consulting services for gas producing enterprises)


Conducting negotiations with customers, solution of the arising problems including business trips over Russia. Preparation and submission of documents for participation in tenders. Drawing up contracts and preparation of specifications for them (submitting prices). Control over timely delivery and effecting payment. Preparation of the initial documents for the accounts department.
As a consequence of successfully conducted talks with the suppliers the prices were considerably reduced. Number of subordinates: 1 person.


2004, март — 2004, ноябрь, 8 мес

Head of the Technical assistance department

"Express Assist Center" Ltd.


Regional network of contractors was set up, data base for registration insurance events was elaborated and applied, list of services offered was extended and as a result new insurance companies were engaged in cooperation. Number of subordinates: 6 people.


2002, июнь — 2004, март, 1 год 9 мес

Manager of VZR (travellers abroad) department

В той же компании: "Express Assist Center" Ltd.

Elaboration of new forms of internal documents, enlistment of new foreign providers, settlement of claims from clients and insurance companies. Number of subordinates: 4 people.


2001, ноябрь — 2002, апрель, 5 мес

Specialist of activation department

"Vympelcom" Public corporation


The considerable reduction of making during activation errors was achieved due to the competent organization of work.


2001, июнь — 2001, ноябрь, 5 мес

Specialist of International department

"TIM Assistance" Joint-stock company


Systematization of documents circulation; as a result of successful negotiations reduction of expenses for the medical aid was achieved. Number of subordinates: 2 people.

Основное образование
2003 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Moscow Humanitarian and Economical Institute, Economics and management

1999 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)


Technology and marketing , Technological

Владение языками

Немецкий - начальный

Английский - свободное владение

Русский (родной)

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Деловые качества

Ответственность, b2b, b2c

Analytical turn of mind‚ creative strategy in resolving problems‚ knack of work with people and documents‚ enterprising‚ responsibility‚ capable of making a decision in a critical situation and taking a responsibility for decisions‚ ability to achieve positive results‚ leadership qualities.

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