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резюме (General manager, head of commercial department)

45 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
General manager, head of commercial department
290 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
8 лет
Профессиональные навыки


• Construction and managing of a highly effective team;
• Strategic and tactical planning of sales;
• Skill to find and to accept the decisions in non-standard situations;
• Good managerial abilities;
• Definition of the important priorities;
• Work under pressure;
• Good skills in conducting successful business negotiations and presentations;
• Good trading abilities;
• PC user;
Основное образование
Высшее , City Business School , 2016
Опыт работы

2012, декабрь — 2015, январь, 2 года 1 мес

Head of Commercial Department

ООО «Planeta» (RF, 11 branch offices),production and sale of components for manufacture constructions from PVC and aluminium.

Оптовая компания , Moscow

• Strategic and operational management of sales;
• Preparation and approval of the annual, quarterly revenue
• Development and implementation of new systems of motivation;
• Identification, monitoring key performance indicators;
• Monthly, quarterly analysis of the results;
• Negotiations with key customers at the level of individuals;
• Monitoring the activities of competitors and potential customers;
• Definition of pricing policy;
• Personnel matters;
The total implementation of the budget of 90% (in terms of volatility)
Increase inpayments for 98%.
Customer base increased by 1.5 times
Annual turnover - 1,3 bn RUR
Key clients:
Consib, Bimax, Etalon, Plastika okon, Okna v dom and etc


2011, декабрь — 2012, декабрь, 1 год

Sales Director

ООО «Specta Interpak» (RF, 10 branch offices),production of industrial packaging in Russia and the CIS.

Торгово-производственная компания, завод , Moscow

• Responsible for sales in Russia and the CIS;
• Long-term planning of development;
• Strategic and operational planning of sales;
• Structural optimization of the department;
• Monthly evaluation of economic performance and preparation of presentations;
• Preparation and approval of operational plans;
• Effective interaction with the production;
• Definition of pricing policy;
• personnel matters;
Stabilization of sales in the Central region (level 95-100%);
The total implementation of the budget of 93% (in terms of volatility);
Annual turnover - 1,7 bn RUR
Key clients:
MMK, NLMK, Severstal, Vyksa Steel Works, OMK, Oskolsky EMP, TAGMET, Volgsky PP, Saratov glass, Salavat Glass, Knauf, Guardian, AGC Glass, etc.


2009, декабрь — 2010, июнь, 6 мес

Deputy general manager.

CC «Voltag» (RF, 3 branch offices)The Holding of electrotechnical plants.

Торгово-производственная компания , Moscow

• Organization of the development of new business areas(oil, gas, energy);
• Planning and coordination of the group;
• Conduct negotiations with potential customers at the level of individuals;
• Operational management of regional sales offices;
• Preparation, coordination of budget revenue;
• Preparation and approval of production plans;
• Online interaction with production facilities;

Growth inpayments for the period from January to April
2010-73,8 m. RUR
2008(same period)- 66,9 m. RUR
2009(same period)--54,8 m. RUR

Raising orders for new business directions.
30 m. RUR
Annual turnover - 500 m. RUR
RusHydro, TNK, Samaraelektroschit, Surgutneftegaz,Orenburgenergo, etc.


2007, ноябрь — 2009, январь, 1 год 2 мес

General Manager.

The group of companies "EDS-INSOL"(RF, 4 branch offices),electrotechnical products. The Firm (4 branch offices, 90 employees).

Торгово-производственная компания , Moscow

• The centralized sales of the whole range production;
• Build-up budget of costs and sales.
• Estimation of economic indicators of activity of the firm;
• Management of profitability, optimization and minimization of expenses;
• Operative correction motivation of staff for fulfilling budget figures;
• Negotiating with management of Power supply companies;
• Interaction with administrative and state structures;
• Organized new JSC;
• Working out and introduction of actions for achievement of peak efficiency of the new JSC in deadlines.
Ensured stable sales and inpayments in crisis conditions.
Organazed new JSC on undertime.
Annual turnover - 5 bn RUR
Novosibirskenergo, Sibirenergo, Omskenergo,Energobalance, Sibur, etc.


2004, декабрь — 2007, май, 2 года 5 мес

General Manager.(50 employees, 4 branch offices)

JSC “NGS-Complect”,exclusive distributor of “Migatronic”(Danmark),welding equipment(B2B).

Оптово-розничная компания , Moscow

• The analysis of external and internal business environment
• Formation of strategy and positioning of the company;
• Development of organizational structure, and creation of the basic documents;
• Definition and control of the basic parameters of efficiency of activity;
• Management of profitability, optimization and minimization of the charges;
• Establishment and development of branches;
• Definition of personnel selection, formation of staff by partial rotation of the working personnel and new specialists attraction;
• Development and introduction of new systems of the personnel motivation;
• Development improvement of professional skills of the personnel, tutorship.
• Negotiating with the key clients;
• Interaction with administrative and state structures;
1. The sales turnover was doubled.
2004- 1 m. Euro
2006-2,1 m. Euro
2. Profit plan of 2006 fulfilled for 100%.
Customer base increased by 1.3 times
Harry's, Honda, 149 Plant, Ulan-Ude Stalmost, construction companies, etc.


2003, июль — 2004, август, 1 год 1 мес

Director of Sales department (Deputy General Manager).(300 employees, 5 branch offices ).

JSC “The Firm “PLITPROM””(Russia),raw material and components for furniture industry.

Торгово-производственная компания , Moscow

• Control and total responsibility over sales in Russia&
CIS, active management of the all company Strategic and effective planning of sales;
• Reorganization and increase the efficiency of
• Development and introduction new motivation;
• Participation in drawing up of the budget and business – plan of the company;
• Cost-effectiveness analysis of activity;
Increased profitability of branch offices (from 8% to 13%) Successful realization of the new projects on CIS’s market.(1-st contract 120 000 $, Kazakhstan).
Annual turnover - 60 m. $
Doc 17, School Furniture (Almaty), Furniture Chernozem (Voronezh), etc


2001, октябрь — 2003, июль, 1 год 9 мес

Sales Manager.

JSC "Phoenix Contact Rus"(Germany),electrical products(B2B).


• Managing and responsibility over sales in Russia;
• Policy design of Strategy business development;
• Long-term planning of the company;
• Structure formation of the company;
• Researches of activity of the competitors and potential clients;
• Definition of price and marketing policy;
• Cost-effectiveness analysis of activity;
• Taking part in the international exhibitions
11.2002-"Electronica 2002"(Munich)
04.2003 - “Hannover Fair”(Hannover).
The sales plan of 2003 was exceeded.
Annual turnover- 500 000 Euro
The creation customer data base -160 customers
Yokogawa, Emerson, Honeywell, Samaraelektroschit, etc


1999, май — 2001, май, 2 года

Regional Sales Manager.(35 employees,7 branch offices)

JSC “HILTI “(Liechtenstein),professional construction equipment(B2B).

Сеть магазинов, оптово-розничная компания , Moscow

• Managing branch offices in: Sochi, Krasnodar,
Rostov, Novorossiysk, Volgograd, N.Novgorod, Samara.
• Arranging presentations and demonstrations;
• Holding negotiations on the level of city and region authorities;
• In the period from 09.1999 till 03.2000 accomplishing complete coordination , control and total responsibility over sales in ten Hilti branch offices (60 employees).
• Selecting and training personnel;
The sales plan of 2000 was fulfilled on 98% (2,5 m. $). Most profitable regional structure.
Mostotrest (Bridge Construction and affiliates), Donstroy and other construction companies.

Основное образование
2016 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

City Business School

MBA Professional
1995 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Moscow State Mines University

“Technology of Machinery Construction”

Qualification:“Mechanical Engineer”


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Английский - продвинутый

Русский (родной)

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Perfect administrative skills‚ hard working‚ business-oriented‚ analytical thinking‚ self-motivated‚ system management of company‚ ability to attain better results‚ active life position- Strict keeping of trade secrets and other confidential information- Responsible‚ initiative‚ loyal- Constant professional development.

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