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38 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Lead Software Engineer / Team Lead / Руководитель Группы / Программист . NET C#
4 000 $
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
I.T. Skills
- IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio 2003-2010 with ReSharper and Visual Assistant; .NET Frameworks 1-3.5;
C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET; MS Officce, MS Project, MS Visio; Version/Source controls - Win CVS, MKS
Source; Continuous Integration build servers - Team City, Cruise Control; Customer Relationship Manage-
ment - Siebel Systems (defects, suggestions, inquiries, requirements, internal requests); Application Lifecycle
Management - MKS Integrity, Tracker (in-house system); HLD, DLD development - Enterprise Architect; Unit
Tests - NUnit Framework, NCoverage; Technical computing, modeling and data analysis software - MatLab,
Mathematica, Maple, Origin Lab; HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Scripting; NI LabView;
- Before 2007 I have developed several large applications (see www.zhost.org):
- A Data Acquisition program which automates the control of experiments and the collection of data.
- A Data Analysis program which performs the Fourier Transform and Graphical representation of the time
evolution of "spin" waves calculated by third party software (>1GB data size per calculation).
- A Windows Shell Replacement which provides a controllable alternative to the standard Windows Desktop.
Other Skills
- Languages: English -fuent, German - with dictionary, Russian - native language.
- Most of my work has been carried out in a multi-cultural environment. My communication skills are thus very
well developed, and I am confident in working with the worldwide research community.
- Experienced in writing scientific articles and reports at an international level. Author and co-author of 15 scientic papers published in leading, high-rated, international journals.
- Eight years experience in presenting and discussing physics concerning research work and defending results. Results of my work have been successfully presented at 16 internationally recognized
conferences. In addition, several formal talks have been given at group seminars.
Основное образование
Высшее , University of Exeter, Extere, UK , 2006
Опыт работы

2008, июнь — продолжаю работать, 9 лет

Process Coach.


- Participating in internal ALM development projects.
- Coaching three out of nine teams in the office.
- Motivating others, building effective teams.
- Performing team iteration postmortems and quality meetings.
- Enforcing processes, consulting developers.
- Gathering and analyzing metrics, audit team process compliance on continuous basis.
- Providing feedback on observed processes issues.
- Training teams and individuals.
- Initiating process changes.
- Iteration postmortems are performed on a regular basis.
- Trained coached teams to a new process and new ALM software.
- Developed new modules for internal ALM tools.


2008, июнь — продолжаю работать, 9 лет

Team Lead/Lead Software Developer.

CQG Inc.

- Team Lead of a team of four to seven developers.
- Maintaining and improving team productivity and outputs quality.
- Keeping team process compliance and transmitting company core values.
- Supporting TSP/PSP, Agile, SCRUM methodologies.
- Requesting and providing work scope for team members.
- Developing high level, detailed and UI requirements; use cases and test cases.
- Developing architectures, high and detailed level designs.
- Integration testing; happy, sad, crazy paths testing.
- Close work with Business Drivers, User Experience specialists, System and Project archi-
tects on requirements and design.
- Trigging and working with defects, suggestions and inquiries.
- Providing output for performance appraisals.
- Supporting and administration of continuous integration build server (Team City).
- Successfully finished two projects which got recognition and acknowledgement from System
Owner, Business Driver and Customers: Instrument Monitor (1.5 year long) - CQG IC 8x2
Features, Spread Matrix (1 year long) - CQG IC Users Guide pages 249 - 272.
- Build up a very successful team out of extremely different persons.
- Overall team performance signi cantly improved.
- Produced high quality requirements, test cases, design, code. (All outputs are inspected
by Business Drivers, Project managers, architects, other developers.)


2008, январь — 2008, июнь, 5 мес

Software Developer.

В той же компании: CQG Inc.

- Writing code and unit/integration tests, performing code reviews.
- Working with version/source controls.
- Estimating, planning and logging activities.
- HLD/DLD development.
- Integration/system testing and defect logging and fixing.
- Became Team Lead in a very short time (less than a half of a year).
- All techniques and processes established in the company are learned.
- Mastered company software development processes and became Process Coach.
- Performance metrics and management feedback was at a high level.


2007, январь — 2007, октябрь, 9 мес

Postdoctoral Research Associate

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA USA


2002, сентябрь — 2007, январь, 4 года

Research Scientist

University of Exeter, Extere, UK


2004, сентябрь — 2006, ноябрь, 2 года 2 мес

Teacher PC skills for physicists

В той же компании: University of Exeter, Extere, UK


1998, сентябрь — 2002, июнь, 3 года 9 мес

Research Scientist

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Основное образование
2006 г.в.


University of Exeter, Extere, UK

PhD in Physics
2005 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

The Association of Certified IT Professionals, UK

2002 г.в.

Высшее образование (магистр)

Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia

MSc in Physics

Владение языками

Немецкий - начальный

Английский - свободное владение

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