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41 год, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

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Systems architect for Web 2.0/ERP project (.NET)
5 000 $
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Ищу работу в городе: Москва .
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5 лет
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I'm looking for a challenging .NET based project to play the role of systems architect. The most interesting domains are Financials, Accounting, HR, Payroll, Sales&Services; BPM, Web 2.0, ERP-like large-scale projects.

Career profile
• 7+ years as Software Architect at customer/subcontractor/partner coordinator sides
• Substantial experience in requirements gathering, features prioritization and solution mapping
• Experience in introducing workflows, document standards and methodologies in R&D
• 2+ year of managerial experience (including outsourcing teams management)
• Experience in customer technical consulting (as free-lancer)
• Presentation and coaching skills
• Actual software designing & programming skills (Microsoft platform)
• Implicit leader

Web technologies profile
• Deep understanding of web technologies, including AJAX (e.g. ExtJS, Infragistics).
• Balanced approach to real-time data vs. caching, session management vs. clustering, maintainaility/realiability vs. flexibility.
• Large experieince in building enterprise-level web-based solutions.
• Feeling of usability principles, good sense of web design (sample prototypes created in background can be found at http://advo.org.ru/Recruitment/candidate.htm,
• Ability to see a solution as a whole as well as to be aware of details deeply, trade-off costs and requirements.
• Actual C# programming experience.

Reason for job search
Disagreement with Global CEO about strategic priorities and tactic effort directions related to R&D. Unability to make achievements. Evidence of lack of prospects.

My MSN account: see e-mail.
Additional e-mail: roman_koreshkov(at)intercomp.ru
Основное образование
Высшее , Documentum Russia , 2005
Опыт работы

2005, ноябрь — продолжаю работать, 12 лет

Systems Architect

InterComp Technologies L.L.C

Responsible for making up development process, gathering requirements, managing features, elaborating architectures, making routine design decisions, aligning all the development activites to the consistent view, developing key aspects of software solutions (.NET), making UI web design & prototyping, making pre-sales, coaching, reviewing architecure of solutions from our Switzerland office. Business domain is HR + Payroll.
Most outstanding projects (and challenges):
o 2007 Integration solution (BizTalk 2006 + ASP.NET) for providing payroll services for a leader in IT industry globally (more than 15 countries) through regional partners. HR data comes from the client and are distributed to all partners, then payroll calculation results are collected and aggregated from all the parties and sent to the client.
• Input/output batches with data deltas only
• Data tracking on web portal - tracking of each field change: which party sent the change, in which data batch, when, whether the change was delivered/acknowledged to all destined parties, full history of changes for any field/item, drill-down to log messages/batches/entities.
• Employee-level transactions, delivery/error is acknowledged for each employee
• Schedule (frequency, time windows) of incoming batches is independent from one of outcoming batches
• Distributed development team (outsourced + internal)
o 2006 Reverse-engineering of GL transaction generation module for CitiBank
• No documentation, only source code and 2 persons aware of only some details. Source code is in language of 80th
• Two-way data flows between the old payroll system and the new module
• The solution allows tracking from every transaction up to its sources (employee accruals/deductions)
o 2007 Web portal for multi-jurisdictional payroll system
• Web services are data sources to the web portal
• Edit forms dynamic layout based on legislation metadata


2004, сентябрь — 2005, ноябрь, 1 год 2 мес

Chief of System Architecture department

OAO “Optima” (extracted to UpscaleSoft later on)

Responsible for all technical aspects in the project, including requirements qualification, architecture elaboration, making up development/build/test/delivery process, coaching and development leading.
Most outstanding projects (and challenges):
o 2004-2005 Electronic document system (EDS) for ROSPATENT. Worked as subcontractor of Siemens Business Solutions. Transforming paper-based trade-mark registration business processes onto electronic form.
• Object-persistence framework for Documentum:
- unified access to Documentum and Oracle (to extra tables)
- support of object relationships (composition, aggregation, embeddement, inheritance; 1..1; 1..n; n..n),
- cross-references support
- changed objects graph committing in one transaction
- dynamic update of metadata when changes are done in Documentum structures
- object caching
- server-side data paging
- partial loading of object properties along with loading-on-demand of remaining properties
- applying XSLT/XPath directly to object graph (without first serializing to XML)
- automatic generation of XSD schemas from objects meta-data
• Web UI framework – design-time data-binding to the object-persistence framework so that ROSPATENT support team may easily customize web forms. Now this framework is on sale (see http://www.upscalesoft.ru/pages/service/UiDynamics.html)
• Extended schema of Active Directory, web client to AD
• Exhaustive filters for writing audit events
• Extensions to Documentum workflows (to support nested workflows, synchronization points, user-interface workflows, enable timesheet management)
• Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) on electronic documents
• Coordinating partners activities in scope of the global ROSPATENT solution


2002, июль — 2004, сентябрь, 2 года 2 мес

Senior Systems Analyst (in Software Architect/Analyst role)

Scala (CIS) Limited (www.epicor.com)

+ System-level requirements management – collect and analyse requirements, create and maintain software requirements specifications (use-case specifications)
+ Build up and advance architecture of subsystems of iScala product.
+ Make proof-of-concepts
+ Perform object-oriented design - create and maintain models, design specifications (Rational Rose (UML), structured English), prototyping the decisions (C#, T-SQL)
+ Guide developers to keep them to architectural/design decisions
+ Provide partners with consulting on integration of their solutions with iScala product
+ Conduct outsourcing development, provide every-day support
+ Create initial versions of system-level test-plans, test-cases, participation in acceptance testing
+ Advise testers, technical writers, hot-line centre
+ Consultancy, research, training, making technical presentations, routine system problem solving
+ Support international clients (analyzing/solving issues, finding workarounds, escalate customer bugs to development)
+ Advise product management with estimations of recourses, development scopes, risks
+ Project management (I substituted project manager).
Most outstanding projects (and challenges):
o 2002-2004 Extending Scala Connectivity Solution platform – distributed integration system communicating by XML messages, includes workflows (with human/machine tasks)
• Support of more workflow patterns (split, join, nesting, wait for event etc.) and document standards (next version of OAGIS)
• Support of more enterprise integration patterns (EIP) - message-based and RPC-based XML communications, reliable messaging, building adapters to external applications (e.g. BizTalk 2002)
• Outsourced development team
o 2004 Document tracking service – new module for Scala Connectivity Solution that lets total control on what’s going on in the system.
• Real-time monitoring of business process activities, displaying input/output of each activity
• Displaying input/output messages from external partners,
• Revealing delays in sub-process executions
• Ability to roll-back/re-run/continue an erroneous business process branch
• (Lately I got to know that this module completely replaced preceding Log service)
o iScala Business Intelligence Server:
- Web-portal access (web parts) to Data Warehouse filled from iScala back-office databases
- Template-based creation/management of OLAP reports
- Utilizes Microsoft Analysis Services
o Portal/Web/Win Deployment Server
- .NET-based platform
- Provides unified Web/Win access to iScala back-office
- Enables server-based printing – documents from remote web-server are printed at local server, for printing utilizes Microsoft Reporting Services for SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Enterprise 9.0
- Includes UI Designer - tool for designing layout/behaviour of UI
- Includes UI Compiler - tool for compiling the designed UI forms to:
--- .NET Win Forms
--- .NET Web Pages
--- Share Point 2001/2003 Web Parts
--- MS Word 2003 templates, InfoPath 2003 documents
--- WAP pages
- Uses Scala Connectivity Solution (see above) as application server in 4-tier architectural model


2000, февраль — 2002, июль, 2 года 5 мес

Analyst (in role of Software Developer/Designer at the beginning, then System Analyst/System Architect)

TrustLink (www.trustlink.com)

Responsibilities at the beginning:
+ Synchronisation system components design (UML) and development (on Java - WAP pages on Java Servlets + JDBC, VC++ MFC)
+ Design and development of server business components, Windows и WAP GUI interfaces (VB6, VC++ ATL, MTS), database design
+ Building and integration of components. Development of installation application (InstallShield)
+ Elaborate data synchronisation/replication algorithms, algorithms of reliable messaging, own realisation of distributed transactions
Subsequent responsibilities:
+ Analyse incoming drafts of requirements/visions. Co-operate with partners (mainly Nordic) to create functional specifications (Rational RequisitePro).
+ Play System Architect role according to RUP. Produce main analysis and design artefacts set, including Software Architecture Document. Prototyping.
+ Elaborate test plans, specify test-cases, perform integration tests along with partners
+ Steadily track and increase system quality: direct system refactoring, analyse level of reusability, elaborate standards/guidelines, enrich development platform with system services such as advanced error handling, logging, tracing, persisting etc.
+ Design and conduct implementation of gateways to partners’ products, to MS Exchange Server, Lotus Domino
+ Technical writing on system architecture, interfaces, integration approaches
+ Project management (I substituted project manager)


1998, август — 2000, январь, 1 год 5 мес


East-European Insurance Agency

+ Elicit requirements from end-user (insurance specialists). Implementing them into company’s corporate insurance program (MS FoxPro 6.0)
+ Introduce new template-based document printing functionality (MS Office integration)
+ Research project: porting current dBase databases to Oracle 8
+ Support accounting/financial departments (1C Payroll module, Excel automation). Analysing huge amount of data, transforming them for reports


1995, сентябрь — 1998, март, 2 года 6 мес

Programmer (part-time)

OOO «Monatech»

+ Develop program for storing/printing different financial documents (Borland Delphi). The program includes template-based report generator
+ Work as system administrator


1996, январь — 1997, ноябрь, 1 год 10 мес

Programmer (part-time)

Bank “Rossiyskiy Credit”

+ Develop program for predicting rates of securities at financial markets using statistical methods
+ Develop Lotus Notes (4.51) database of news. Develop programs that retrieve data from news web sites (Borland Delphi)

Основное образование
2005 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

Documentum Russia

Documentum 5 Manager Documentum
2005 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

Documentum Russia

Documentum 5 Architect Documentum CIS
2004 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки


Microsoft Certified Professional
2002 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки


Microsoft Certified Professional
1999 г.в.

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Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Fundamental Sciences Faculty

Master Degree - Engineer/mathematician


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