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37 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Security Manager (Руководитель Службы Безопасности)
3 000 $
График, место работы
Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Manging\directing\coordinating Projects\Departments and Organizations; Representing foreign companies and missions in CIS countries; Dealing with different legal authorities; Communication and interpersonal technique; Resolving emergency situations.
Professional user of all office computer programs and Internet. User of different computer graphic programs and skills in making web sites.
Основное образование
Высшее , Kazakh State Law Academy. International law and Government service , 2001
Опыт работы

2007, август — продолжаю работать, 10 лет

Project Deputy Security Manager


Supports and assisting to the Project, Area and Site Security Managers in the day to day operations of security. Coordination and oversight with Project, Area and Site Security Managers;
Verify compliance with policy and procedure to ensure implementation and management of change as directed by the Project Security Manager;
Review and compliance with security audits and general security performance. Execution and completion of security specific tasks;
Analytical review of data and tracking changes in the risk and threat profiles of the project.
Work out on Security policies, procedures and manuals in all spheres (personal, common, computer, document security);
Control, coordination of work and operations conducted by PFD Security Contractor Group-4 Securicor Kazakhstan (over 300 guards). Ensure compliance with security plans and programs by the Security Guard force;
Oversight the Security Coordinator, other Security Personnel (Investigators, Analysts, Translators, Physical Security) and Badging Office specialists.
Site security surveys and readiness review. Reviews and reporting of site manning, equipment and logistics. Deployment of assets to specific security tasks;
Prevention intrusion of representatives, organized crime and individuals having illicit intentions;
Holding the meetings, negotiations and making required arrangements with undercover men and law enforcement officials in order to obtain required information on imminent thefts from the company sites;
Investigation of cases of internal economic and operational violations among the Company staff;
Provided observance by the department staff of Company safety and labor protection procedures and instructions, fire and gas safety procedures and instructions;
Cooperation and coordination with state authorities, law-enforcement and legal authorities in migration, labor and criminal law aspects.
Holding meetings with department managers and contractors management for recommendation and explanations of Security strategy at the Project;
Development and elevating Security Department authority within the Project.
Other duties as defined by the Project Security Manager.


2006, декабрь — 2007, июль, 7 мес

Chief Security Coordinator

В той же компании: PARSONS AND FLUOR DANIEL INTERNATIONAL LLC. (Construction of Oil Plant)

Overall responsibility for all data and information from the various reports from all locations;
Responsible for the analytical review of data and tracking changes in the risk and threat profiles of the project in all areas;
Coordinate with the industrial relations group, IT/IM, HR, safety incident coordinator and safety indecent data analyst;
Liaise with the law enforcements agencies and designated TCO security representatives;
Ensure compliance with security plans and programs by the Security Guard force;
Oversight of the Second Generation Plant contracted security personnel;
Coordination with the Second Generation Plant on site construction management;
Review and compliance with security adults and general security performance;
Coordination on site with contractor management supervision and personnel;
Execution and completion of security specific tasks;
Site security coordination with contracted security and contractor security elements;
Site security surveys and readiness review;
Reviews and reporting of site manning, equipment and logistics;
Other duties as defined by the Deputy Project Security Manager.


2004, апрель — 2006, декабрь, 2 года 8 мес

Chief Security Investigator/Analyst


Security analysis and risks zones determination within the Project sites. Written reports and conclusions;
Recommendations and instructions to increase general Security level;
Investigations. Revealing and preventing criminal and other offences on the company territories;
Interaction and cooperation with local law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities;
Usage of different computers data bases. Correspondence and office work;
Holding meetings with contractors’ managers for security level increasing among their employees.


2004, февраль — 2004, апрель, 2 мес

Emergency Operator/Translator

В той же компании: GROUP 4 SECURICOR KAZAKHSTAN LLC. (Parsons

Response when emergency;
Operations with access control system;
Translations of various correspondence and instructions (English-Russian-English);
Verbal translations (Interpreter).


2003, апрель — 2004, февраль, 10 мес

Head Manager

SONGKLOD TOUR GROUP Tourist Operator Company (Thailand)

Negotiations and work with CIS tourists agencies;
Correspondence, booking and development of special offers for tourists agencies;
Work out on price lists development;
Tourist catalogue creation (Thailand Hotels and excursions offers);
Legal support of the company.
Other duties as directed by the Company Directors.


2002, февраль — 2003, февраль, 1 год

Legal Expert

PARTNER – OMSK Association of industrial enterprises support and development

Contracts and constitutive documents development;
Legal support while negotiations with national and foreign partners;
Legal documents analysis and written conclusions making;
Conducting of pre-trial work in order to resolve disputes with partners and state structures;
Complaints, pretensions and writs writing. Office-work;
Participation in legal cases in Russia and Kazakhstan;
Companies registration and liquidation;
Adjustment of the company activity according to legislation requirements;
Work with judicial authorities, rating authority, customs, railway and other state authorities in Russia and Kazakhstan.


2000, декабрь — 2002, январь, 1 год 1 мес


RDS CONSULT Legal Company

General management of the company;
Development of the directions of activity and economic interests ensuring;
Negotiations with clients;
Organization and participation in advisor activity for companies and physical persons; documentation analysis; complaints, contracts and constitutive documents writing; registration and liquidation of companies; participation in legal cases; legal support of the companies.


1998, сентябрь — 2000, декабрь, 2 года 3 мес

Legal Adviser

Legal advice office at the Kazakh State Law University

Legal support of poor population;
Consultations of civil, family, land and criminal legislation;
Participation in legal trial as legal adviser.

Основное образование
2001 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Kazakh State Law Academy. International law and Government service


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

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Adaptobility\resilience‚ customer focus‚ follow-up‚ initiating action‚ team work‚ stress tolerance‚ work standards‚ coordination. Communicative‚ erudite‚ punctual‚ hard-working. Skills to manage and make decision. Eager to learn new procedures and technique. Ready to participate in bisness trips and work on rotation basis.