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44 года, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Специалист по IT
1 400 $
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Ищу работу в городе: Москва .
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
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I have been working in the Information technology filed for a real long time with maintenance and network administration, system analyzing and Microsoft windows administrator (windows 3.1, windows95, windows98, windows2000, windows millennium, windows XP and now going on with windows vista

I worked on many different software in many different filed like graphic and multimedia, accounting systems, Microsoft office with all its programs and others

I have been working on the program by my self for create designs or by teach them for student or worker to make them able to use the programs and reach their aim from learning it in nice and easy way
Основное образование
Высшее , El Gomhuria Information Technology CENTER - UNESCO , 2008
Опыт работы

2010, декабрь — 2011, март, 3 мес

System Administrator

Viva Group For Tourism Developing (Sharm Elsheikh)

Responsible about developing and maintenance the network and the POS system in there (French touch POS) and training the staff for using the POS system


2009, март — 2011, март, 2 года

Information technology director

Fantazia Hotel Sharm Elsheikh

Worked for them as a freelancer beside my original job as network and system administrator
Responsible about all the maintenance and of the computer machines and point of sell and build the system of intranet for guest with special access through web interface all over the hotel and helping with their software maintenance and explanation for the new crew


2008, октябрь — 2010, октябрь, 2 года

Information technology director

Afak for restaurants management and touristic development (IL Mercato) Sharm Elsheikh

Responsible about building the structure of the network for all the company projects ( IL Mercato shopping center- Iberotel IL Mercato hotel – Afak restaurants chain “ Charleston - Charleston bakery – cavallino)
Maintenance and software administration (French touch POS system – Fast cashier POS system – COMSYS POS and account and store keeper system)


2008, апрель — 2008, июнь, 2 мес

Internet researches and presentation create and devolving

Chess Lan (Mosow)

Responsible about making researches all over the internet regarding marketing plans in Arabian country and study the market in there and give the required feedback plus create the presentations required for all the studies and projects the company working on in nice graphical and musical way


2006, январь — 2007, октябрь, 1 год 9 мес

Owner and director

PC Club for computer services, Cairo

Owner and director for all the operations and responsible about executive all the contracts for maintenance, networks building and maintenance and following the graphic designing team with my instructions and work on meeting the clients requirements


2004, декабрь — 2005, декабрь, 1 год

IT Manager &Marketing manager

Ghibli Raceway (Go Kart), Cairo and Sharm-El-Sheikh

As IT Manager Responsible for building the computer network in both branches in Cairo & Sharm Elsheikh including the hard and soft ware maintenance and support and help the worker in achieve their targets by teach them how to deal with the programs that help them in their department like accounting and graphical applications plus making marketing analysis and help about make the marketing plans plus help in accounting
As Marketing Manager Responsible for marketing for the company branch in Sharm Elsheikh in Egypt, include marketing analysis. Marketing inside Egypt through touristic companies and hotels and sports clubs and abroad through making deals through the internet and the international exhibitions with touristic companies all over the world to include our race in their program for the travelers coming to Egypt, marketing through the internet and make deals with clients and tours companies, lead the marketing team


2001, ноябрь — 2004, декабрь, 3 года 1 мес

Computer maintenance and network administrator

Penta Egypt Engineering, MB Trading, Arabian Company for Electronics and Computer Service, Cairo

Working by contract for different companies, responsible for creating network, computer and network maintenance, instruct the workers on the software in their departments, graphic designing and presentations


2002, июль — 2003, июнь, 11 мес

Computer software lecturer

Computer and Language Center (CLC), Cairo

Responsible for working with students, conducting the course on computer fundamentals (Windows, MS Office)( ICDL)(Maintenance).


1999, январь — 2002, ноябрь, 3 года 10 мес

Partner , managing graphic design department.

Compuhouse Company for PC service and graphic design, Cairo

Partner , managing graphic design department.

Основное образование
2008 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

El Gomhuria Information Technology CENTER - UNESCO

International Computer Driving License
2002 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University -Egypt

Business Administration and Marketing

Diploma of Business Administration and Marketing graduated with Very Good degree

2001 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University -Egypt


bachelor of accounting from Ain Shams University - Faculty of Commerce graduated with good degree

1998 г.в.

Среднее профессиональное

Technical Commercial Institute - Cairo - Egypt


a degree from the Technical Commercial Institute in cairo - egypt graduted with good degree


Владение языками

Арабский - свободное владение

Английский - свободное владение

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Холост , Детей нет

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  Additional Information:
Personal Computer: professional user (hardware‚ software‚ MS Office (Word‚ Excel‚ PowerPoint‚ Outlook‚ Internet‚ graphics‚ IT Solutions)
International driving license (category B)
Languages: Arabic (native)‚ English (fluent)‚ Russian (beginner)
Ability to travel abroad
Certificate with excellent degree in ICDL from the UNESCO
Special Skills: responsible‚ initiative‚ creative‚ determined‚ excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Activities: travelling‚ diving‚ photography‚ Camping and Swimming