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39 лет, женщина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
8 000 $
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Navision Business Solution, 1C - Buhgalteriya, Word, Excel, Power Point

- Ambibitious and career focused
- Strong interpersonal and influencing skills
- Good skills in work team,
- critical thinking and analytical skills.

- East culture and philosophy
- Yoga
Основное образование
Высшее , CIMA , 2006
Опыт работы

2006, июль — продолжаю работать, 11 лет

Financial Controller

"Eckes-Granini Rus"

Job duties:
Setting up and developing an efficient and transparent reporting systems at the fund level with audited (PWH Co) quarterly reports and an audited annual report for the investors in accordance with IFRS
Management reporting to the Western headquarters acc. to international standards
Controlling and management activities realized on the principals “client profitability - NNN” and “material, supply management”
To implement the optimal planning of assets (inventory management – raw materials, finished goods); carry full responsibility for receivables and obligators company compliance
Meeting and negotiating personally with bigger suppliers
Fair appreciate the risks, provisions and reserves of the company
Budgets and Forecasts accounting for providing detailed reporting format defined by management and shareholders
Directs the development and supervises implementation and monitors all planning, budgeting and supporting processes
Supervise the day to day controlling and accounting activities
Financial controllership for all payments, budget control
Controlling loans and liabilities issues of the company
Participate in CFO meeting in headquarters


2004, август — 2006, апрель, 1 год 8 мес

financial manager

«North Winds Ltd». Moscow city.

Company characteristics:
Area – sales the beer and mineral water of premium world class.
Turnover – 30 mln. $ in a year.

Job duties:
Dependence people – 4.
Disclosures of the reports ( monthly and yearly consolidation statements for shareholders – balance sheet, profit and losses, cash flow statements) and disclosures of the transactions involving management
corporate responsibility for financial reports and provision of fair funds accounting for shareholders
provision of internal control
preparation of the month and yearly budget (budget planning and budget control)
auditing, quality control and independence standards and rules
investigation and disciplinary procedures, accounting standards
interaction with external auditors (Moore Stephens),
provision of the correct accounting in the Navision software – including testing
interaction with the main suppliers and buyers
Concrete achievement examples:
Elaboration the statements model which allowing achievement to be transparent acoccount for the company
Testing and introduction of the Navision software
Introduction the model of budget planning


2004, январь — 2004, апрель, 3 мес

financial manager

«CORUS GROUP». Moscow city.

The reason of quit - the bankruptcy of the «CORUS GROUP».
Job duties:
Management accounting according to IAS
Preparing the consolidation statements for shareholders
Making «master budget» for all companies inside the Group
Building and introduction of the budget system for petrol industry


2003, март — 2003, сентябрь, 6 мес

financial director

One of YUKOS company in the one of Russian region

Company characteristics:
Area – agriculture.
Turnover – 70 mln. $ in a year,
Staff – 2 500 employers.
Dependence people – 35 (book-keeping department, financial and economic departments ).
Job duties:
Providing the companies activity without financial deficits in spite of seasonal depends
Introduction of the system of budget planning and budget control
Applying the cost system which allowing more effective use of the fixed assets and investment resources
auditing the enterprise activity – breakeven analysis, margin safety and profitability analysis
making appraisal of the different investments projects
elaboration the current and perspective plans of the companies development
Cooperations with banks and credit organizations
Auditing and book-keeping, elaboration of the tax policy
Concrete achievement examples:
Providing necessary financial resources from banks
Organization of the financial and economic departments from «zero»
Restoring of the book-keeping departments
Tax optimization


2001, апрель — 2003, февраль, 1 год 10 мес

Financial director , financial controller

OAO «Oil – fat factory «Krasnodarsky».

Job duties:
Dependence people – 40 (book-keeping department, financial and economic departments ).
Delivery the financial advices relating all business cases - operational and strategy company activity (applying Balance Score method and Just-in-Time system)
Management the financial departments (40 persons)
Elaboration and introduction of the system of management accounting – applying more convenient costing system (by standard costing and marginal method)
Elaboration of the financial policies – management the working capital – by influence of the seasonal factors (including the policy of stock score and purchasing, debts and creditors policies, cash and pricing policies ) and company strategy (by applying the system of balance score)
Introduction of the system of budget planning (by applying strong benchmarking costing technology, ERP and MRP systems, work of budget committee – providing co-ordination and motivation of the managers of company and sensitivity analysis ) and budget control (including flex and fix budgeting, forecasting - tends, variance analysis and operating control of business activity – effectiveness using all inside company resources )
Determination and enter the system of motivation and co-ordination managers and cost centers
Preparing the business plans and making appraisal of the different investments possibilities
Communications with biggest Moscow Banks
Tax planning and optimization
Concrete achievement examples:
Introduction and development of the financial and management accountings systems in the company for providing effectiveness to be current and strategy business activity
Issued the system of budget planning and budget control by method « bottom from down to up» using the method of budget centre
Realization of the complex control system of effectiveness using all resources (by standard costing, benchmarking and variance analyses)
Receiving the credit line from Banks for current and strategic activities


1998, май — 2000, сентябрь, 2 года 4 мес

chief of plan-economic departments, financial manager

Federal State Utilizing enterprise «Rubin».

Company characteristics:
Area – enamel ware manufacturies,
Turnover – 15 mln $ in a year,
Staff – 700 employers
Job duties:
Dependence people – 5 (economic departments ).
Elaborated and entered the crisis-proof system
Providing the price analyses
Providing the plan-fact analyses of fix and direct cost
Financial analyses of book-keeping accounting
Business planning and investment appraisal
Concrete achievement examples:
Prepared Business plan with foreign investment specialists, which improved financial situation of the company

Основное образование
2006 г.в.

Второе высшее


Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

managerial level

2002 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

консалтинговая компания

курсы повышения квалификации по бухгалтерсому учету
1999 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Ростовская государственная экономическая академия

финансы и кредит


1997 г.в.

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