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32 года, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Risk Manager
75 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
2 года
Профессиональные навыки
• Developed team-working skills through working in more than 10 different teams in more than 6 years.
• Strong quantitative skills developed during the development of informational systems for an environmental risk assessment at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Portfolio management and Applied Risk Management, Optimization Theory, Operation Research, Mathematical Modeling

MS Office, MATLAB, Waterloo Maple, Mathsoft Mathcad, Equis MetaStock, C/C++, SQL, Visual Basic
Основное образование
Высшее , Bauman Moscow State Technical University , 2007
Опыт работы

2003, март — 2007, июль, 4 года

Junior researcher, Laboratory of Seismic Risk

Institute of Environmental Geoscience Russian Academy of Sciences

• Gained practical skills in the finite element method and partial differential equations through devoloping and
implementing in C++ a model for the assessment of financial effects and the probability of dump failure. This model was installed as a component of a geoinformation system on diamond plants.
• Obtained experience in neural network models through gathering and analysing data for statistical modelling of earthquakes for industrial plants.


2001, сентябрь — 2003, март, 1 год 6 мес

Programmer, Department of New Technologies

Extreme Situations Research Centre

• Worked in a team to develop a geographic information system for the simulation of hazards that is now used by all Siberian industrial plants. This involved using SQL and VB
• Maintained the computer network, having a fast response to sudden problems

Основное образование


Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London

MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering

• Dissertation title : “Predictability of Asset Returns and Support Vector Machines” • Core modules include Financial Statistics, Valuation Theory, Portfolio Management and Applied Risk Management • Coursework themes: Backtesting VaR models, CDO pricing models, Correlation between assets in the portfolio

2007 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Engineer majoring in “Computer-aided design systems”

• Dissertation title: “Development of automated technology for assessment of oil pollution scales” • Member of the student Science Society: Delivered four reports on environmental risk assessment and hazard modeling • Five scientific articles published on thermodynamics and power consumption of small devices • Core modules include Optimization Theory, Operation Research, Mathematical Modeling


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• Trading for myself on the internet with an annualized return of about 20%
• Analysing and implementing quantitative trading strategies with Equis Metastock
• Photography
• Cross-country and mountain skiing