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резюме (Regional manager, Distribution manager, Business development manager)

50 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Regional manager, Distribution manager, Business development manager
60 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Big experience in sales (for more than 10 years) as in direct sales as well in distribution.
Building effective sales channels. Knowledge of specificity and technique of dealer sales as well as direct, retail sales. Knowledge of psychology of dealers as well of end users, and generally, of customer. Good negotiations skills. High professional communication skills. Abilities of persuading customers and making them loyal clients. Well experienced in contracting. Good legal background is conducive to successful striking bargains. Professional consulting on vendor’s products. Experience of participation in fairs, shows, presentations of company’s products and services. Basic accountancy, control over accounts receivable. Control over issuing documents, shipments. Experienced PC user. Team-worker, thorough, creative in business duties.
Основное образование
Высшее , Moscow International Business Institute - Foreign Trade Operations , 2005
Опыт работы

2006, сентябрь — 2010, апрель, 3 года 7 мес

Area Distribution Sales Manager

Ricoh CIS Ltd , Moscow – representative office of Ricoh corporation in Russia and CIS

Distribution and dealer sales of Ricoh products, distribution chain development in Russia and CIS.
During 4 passed years in charge for regions: Ural, Volga, Central, Far East regions, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbajdjan. Dealing with the main distributors in Moscow,
Ural (Ekaterinburg), Far East (Vladivostok).
• Searching for and selection from potential candidates new dealers. Negotiations with top managers and owners of prospect companies on starting as well broading business.
• Development of relationships with current dealers to increase sales, strengthen loyalty to the vendor. Finding out causes of dissatisfaction and disadvantage of dealers in mutual business process. Solving that problems via elaboration of effective decisions and teamwork of different services inside the company: marketing, logistics, technical support.
• Formation of the effective distribution channels via partners of different sales levels: Prime-partners (large distributors and main dealers), Business-partners (middle-size dealers), official partners (low level dealers), system integrators selling Ricoh products to corporate, state customers, monopolies.
• Conclusion of partner agreements determining principles, rules, conditions of mutually profitable dealing to increase sales, turnover and profit of the vendor as well of dealers.
• Determination of credit, price and other terms to stimulate growth of dealers' purchasing. Conclusion of supply contracts on such agreed terms.
• Adjustment of quarterly and yearly purchase dealers' plans in accordance with a personal and general sales plan confirmed by the vendor's company management. Control over fulfilment of that plans.
• Control over abiding by dealers of different levels the vendor's price policy.
• Information, marketing, price support of dealers in tenders, auctions, price requests.
Implementing measures on support of dealers in tenders and defence of dealer's margin from other dealers damping.
• Finding out dealers' needs about the form and content of marketing actions and informing marketing department of that for organization of maximal efficient actions. Coordination of marketing actions with dealers.
• Participation in dealer conferences, seminars, presentations of the vendor's production.
Participation from the vendor's side in the same type of business activities held by large partners-distributors in regions. Participation in yearly world's manufacturers' shows and fairs, work at stand of the vendor's company for presentation of Ricoh products and their possibilities, engaging new partners interested.
• Control over a few sales representatives at regions.
• Presentation and trainings on the vendor’s products and solutions to sales and marketing personnel of partner companies, recommendations to the management of partner companies on organising the most effective sales.
• Coordination and team-work between sales group and technical support group (service) of the
vendor's company for formation of the chain of authorized service centers to ensure warranty and high quality of work of Ricoh products. And as result increasing loyalty of customers to the Ricoh brand and growth of partners' profit of maintenance support.
• Formation of orders, control over issuing invoices, shipments.
• Control over accounts receivable, reserving of goods, stocking.
• Submission of reports to the management of the company. Informing management on dealers' needs and wishes, competition situation in definite regions and suggestions on undertaking necessary effective measures for promoting vendor's production and thus increasing sales.
• Personal professional achievements: increase in quantity of authorized dealers and resellers in regions at more than 30 companies, overfulfilment of annual individual sales plans by 20-30% (target 400-500 mln. rbl), increase in sales through the main distributors at 4 mln. euro during 3 last years.


2000, март — 2006, май, 6 лет

Sales manager

Copycentr SVE Ltd Co, Moscow - Office equipment, sales and service

• Direct retail sales and wholesale. Keeping relationships with database current accounts.
Searching for new clients. Dealing and developing relationships with corporate clients (including some following MA: Moscow Heating Lines, Russian Railways’ affiliates, Aircraft company Sukhoy, Moscow prefectures, Plekhanov’s National Economy Academy, Insurance company MAKS, Pioglobal Asset Management Invest Fund, Federal Deposit Bank and others).
• Sales to regional dealers in Central, South regions, Siberia.
• Full sales process organization:
professional trade offers, issuing invoices, control over delivery and installation of equipment.
• Conclusion and implementation of various tipes of contracts (CWO, COD, H.P., leasing, maintenance).
• Participation in tenders, specialized shows.
• Claims consideration.
• Communication with the foreign supplier, NRG group, Ricoh's worldwide seller, on delivery, warranty issues, marketing and technical equipment specifications.
• Advertising design. Advising on elaboration of the company's website for the goals of sales growth and customers' comfort in receiving information.
• Personal professional achievements: enlargement of the company’s client DB by 30%, increase in average personal monthly sales from 1-1,5 mln. rbl. to 3 and above mln. rbl., increase in sales of spare parts by 40% due to growth of service contracts concluded and more effective customer-oriented approach.


1997, март — 1999, октябрь, 2 года 7 мес


Valex Ltd Co, Grodno - FMCG, trade, import-export

Legal support of the company's business. Negotiations, contracting, contract implementation. Legal consulting to the management of the company on current legislation. Business correspondence with contractors.


1995, октябрь — 1997, март, 1 год 5 мес

Sales manager

В той же компании: Valex Ltd Co, Grodno - FMCG, trade, import-export

Direct sales. Search for new clients. Full sales process organization. Making offers. Conclusion and implementation of sales contracts with suppliers and buyers. Goods certification. Interaction with customs operations agents. Assistance in search for the best suppliers. Business correspondence with contractors. Sales advertising support.

Основное образование
2005 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

Moscow International Business Institute - Foreign Trade Operations

Organization of Foreign Trade Operations, manager
1999 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

The State University of Grodno - Law


Владение языками

Английский - продвинутый