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34 года, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Project manager / Control Engineer
по договоренности
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Computing Skills (programs):

Professional: Wonderware InTouch, InSQL(Historian), Active Factory, ClearScada (Control Microsystems), Simatic Manager for STEP7 (Siemens PLCs), WinCC, Unity Pro (Schneider Quantum PLCs), AutoCad, Visual Basic, Plant iT, etc.

Other: MathCad, Matlab, Simulink, AutoCad, Electronics Workbench, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.
Основное образование
Высшее , Moscow state mining university , 2004
Опыт работы

2009, декабрь — продолжаю работать, 7 лет

Control Engineer (Shift Leader), Maintenance Department

“Benteler Automotiv” Ltd. (Worldwide known auto suspensions producer) (Kaluga)

Management of a shift (technical personnel) for 100% technical operability of all the equipment at technological lines (automatics, electrics and mechanics):
- Maintenance of automation components: Siemens, Festo, Bosch Rexroth, Ergospin, Bluetooth ExacConnect, Facom-Stanley. Kistler Indradrive
- Improvement of a production quality (co-work with Quality Department)
- Technical support of changes in the technology of production; modernization of technological lines for better usability
- Verification and calibration of the measuring devices (sensors, gauges)
- Periodic maintenance
- Tech. lines surfing and further correction of found mechanical and program shortcomings
- Took active part at company’s start-up (Study of the technological lines in Germany and Spain factories during their assembling; Arranging of our technological lines shipment from Germany to the Plant site; Completion of spare parts lists, organization of temporary power supply and lighting at the Plant site; Acceptances of technological lines; Material storage preparation; and so on)


2009, май — 2009, сентябрь, 4 мес

Project Engineer, Technical-Commercial Department

“System AP” Ltd. (system integrator) (Moscow)

Sales of Process Control Systems (Honeywell) :
- Establishing of contacts to managers of Technical departments of chemical sector companies
- Investigation on a current projects situation at Clients’ sites
- Preparation of proposals and estimates regarding Clients’ needs and chosen technical platform (Honeywell automation systems based)
- Representing at tenders
- Optionally providing accessory solutions using partners production (that are directly represented by the company: Evans (Canada) – professional furniture 24/7 style and Woodward (USA) - Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES shopfloor software)


2008, декабрь — 2009, март, 3 мес

Head of Automation Department, Automation Department

“VENT” Ltd. (system integrator) (Moscow)

Coordination and participation in automation projects:
- Project “Automation of PVPP (polyvinyl-polypyrolydon) filter and CIP (clean in place) at “Baltika-Yaroslavl Brewery” (use of Plant iT, Step7, Visual Basic software).
- Development of detailed technical proposal to “Vimm-Bill-Dann Lianozovo Dairy” : use of ZFX (Omron) vision sensor for correct registration and counting of product at MES of the plant (use of Visual Basic, telnet protocol, MSSQL queries).
Preparing performance reports. Job planning and priority assignment. Project costs control.


2007, апрель — 2008, декабрь, 1 год 8 мес

Lead Engineer, Industrial Automation Department

JSC “Stins Coman” (system integrator) (Moscow)

- Project “Automation of hydrogen sulphide utilization at “Achinsk oil-processing factory” (Yokogawa’s hardware and software): design documentation development and further corrections (GOST, ISO 9000:2001), equipment assignation at site, participation in Factory Acceptance Test, installation supervision, commisioning and adjustments.
- Project “Automation of heat-recovery boiler and dust-collecting plant (bag filter) (Schneider Quantum, InTouch)”: technical inspection at site, requirements specification preparing
- Objective assignment to other departments of the company (project teamwork).
- Preparing of proposals, drawing up estimates.
- Representing at tenders.


2006, август — 2007, апрель, 8 мес

Automation Programmer, Automation Department

“PLCSystems” Ltd (system integrator) (Moscow)

- Project “Automation of gas consumption accounting at “Pervouralskiy novotrubniy zavod”:
software development for operators and dispatcher using HMI SCADA InTouch + Active Factory (report creating), organization of gathering, storage and granting of data on a server (database management system InSQL) and development of corresponding documentation.
- Furthermore: participating in exhibitions, creating PowerPoint presentations, translating of datasheets and reports (English->Russian & Russian->English)


2004, ноябрь — 2006, июнь, 1 год 7 мес

Automation Specialist, Automation Department (Maintenance)

“GROSS” Ltd. at NIDAN group (juices manufacturing factory) (Moscow)

- replacement of Head of Automation department
- teamwork with contractors’ experts (dialogues in English) from KF Engineering (Germany), GEA Tuchenhagen (Germany), SIG Combibloc (Austria), Interpromavtomatika (Russia, Tver)
- maintenance of accompanying devices - sensors, frequency converters, recorders, etc.
- adjustments, faults debugging in automatics
- programs correcting (400-x and 300-x Siemens controllers + InTouch)
- reprogramming those processes where it is possible to exclude influence of the person (if those have not been made in the original program)
- adding extra useful program blocks

Основное образование
2004 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Moscow state mining university

specialty "Automation and control in technical systems "

Automation engineer, Automation faculty


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

Немецкий - начальный

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О себе

  additional education:
2011         Programming in Siemens Step7‚ WinCC‚ Simodrive (1 week)
2009         ZFX vision sensor course of practical use ‚Omron (3 days)
2009         Configuring and programming in ProLeiT Plant iT (Direct iT‚ Liqu iT ‚ Step7‚ Visual Basic 6.0)‚ Vent (1 неделя)
2007         Programming in Unity Pro for Schneider Quantum PLCs‚ Schneider‚ Quantum Unity Pro (1 week)
2006         Programming and development in ClearScada SCADA (in English)‚ PLC Systems (1 week)
2006         Managing and configuring in InSQL (Wonderware Historian database) and ActiveFactory‚ Klinkmann‚ InSQL & ActiveFactory (3 days)
2006         Programming and development in InTouch (Wonderware SCADA)‚ PLC Systems‚ InTouch Basic (SCADA) (1 week).
2004         Programming in Step7 for Siemens PLCs‚ Siemens‚ ST7PRO1 & ST7PRO2 (2 weeks)
  Personnel information: 
Location: Kaluga city  (relocation is possible)
Date of my birth: 24.11.1982
Marital status: single‚ have no children
Foreign passport
Hobbies: sport‚ photo
No harmful habits

Keywords: IT‚industry‚ engineering‚ programer‚ head of automation department‚ project manager‚ lead engineer‚ sales manager‚ sales engineer‚ control systems‚ process control‚ DCS‚ ESD‚ SCADA‚ MES‚ automation‚ PLC‚ development‚ maintenance‚ food‚ beverage‚ oil‚ gas‚ refinery‚ dairy‚ Siemens‚ Simatic‚ Schneider‚ Yokogawa‚ Honeywell‚ Evans‚ Wondeware‚ Proleit‚ Direct‚ InTouch‚ InSQL‚ Historian‚ IEC 61131-3 languages‚ automotive‚ car industry