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37 лет, женщина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Senior Consumer and Market Research Manager
110 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
4 года
Профессиональные навыки
o Ability to select research methodology, develop research designs, and conduct analysis to meet research objectives;
o Consumer Research techniques expertise for all kind of qualitative and quantitative analysis (Consumer Tracking; Product Tests; Concept Tests; Concept Fulfillment tests; Creative Evaluation tests; Equity Scans; FGD and IHVs; Ad-hocs etc.)
o Questionnaires and guidelines development;
o Experience in consumer data interpretation;
o Augment basic research designs to improve action ability;
o Cost-effective approaches development;
o Contract negotiation

Language skills: English (fluent), German (intermediate level)
• I’m technically experienced in MS office software, Lotus Notes, Corel Draw, etc.
• I have strong collaboration skills and build diverse and effective relationships with people I’m working with.
• I’m focusing on bringing together both external and internal partners to achieve business results.
• I'm able to organize and motivate people.
• I’m interested in self-growth, people relationship, psychology, management.
• I’m self confident, active person with positive mindset.
• Have a lot of hobbies like playing freezbe, swimming, reading, drawing etc.
Основное образование
Высшее , Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics , 2006
Опыт работы

2005, ноябрь — 2008, декабрь, 3 года 1 мес

Consumer and Market Research Manager

OOO Procter&Gamble

Key responsibilities (Consumer&Market research):
• influence business strategy by representing the voice of the consumer;
• drive successful initiatives;
• grow leadership brands;
• drive robust strategy and portfolio choices;
• maximize ROI;
• lead design, follow-up and analysis of all kinds of market research (market segmentation and trends development, consumer habits and motivations, developing claims and concepts);
• lead the work of external research agencies;
• lead multi-functional team including cross-category members, to achieve business objectives;
• coach and develop associate consumer&market research managers and cross-functional new-hires
Additional responsibilities (company development):
• training leader: develop framework and materials and lead trainings for new-hires, with objective to provide knowledge of main Consumer&Market research tools, techniques and principles of working with MFT;
• department representative in P&G recruitment team: present function in career events and hire students in Market research on internship and full-day work
Key achievements:
• leading projects at a regional level, creating a vision of the objectives, engaging local and regional teams, enabling and motivating the business partners and bringing it to life:
- growing mid-tier in Hair Care,
- identifying new WHO on brand X,
- regional endorsement opportunities on FemCare and Hair Care etc.;
• defining and full business (local and regional) implementation of new vision of price tiers in Colorants and Styling categories resulted in +5ppt vol. share growth in Colorants +7ppt share growth in Styling in 1 year period;
• changing category pricing strategy based on price sensitivity analysis on leading Hair Care brand resulted in share growth +1.2 ppt after 1 month of new strategy implementation and 3 years of brand's stagnation;
• strengthen regional initiatives via developing local claims based on local consumer and purchase barriers identified on core brands on a regular basis;
• growing P&G share in Key National Accounts ind. 107 vs. YA, ahead of National (102 vs YA) via leading an innovative retail module part of Equity Scan analysis, developing and presenting recommendations to sales department;
• identifying opportunities for a new source of growth of mid tier brand X with size of prize min 1/3 of current brand's business;
• leading regional analysis of MSA ROI optimization based on driving copy quality, influencing Media strategies and leveraging global cross-categories learnings.


2003, май — 2005, октябрь, 2 года 5 мес

Manager in Marketing Department

AudiCenterMoscow, Auto-Prestus, BaltAutoTrade

Key responsibilities:
• building strong equity of company among current and potential clients;
• lead ATL/BTL communication;
• access effectiveness of advertizing campaigns;
• manage marketing budget;
• organize promo and sponsorship events
Key achievements:
• implementation of a new communication strategy in ACM togethr with sakles department. Company became #1 dealer in Russia based on sales results in 2005;
• building 'intimate' equity of companies among clients. As a result companies (Balt Auto Trade, Auto Prestus and Audi Canter Moscow) were perseived as 'close to clients' needs';
• developing company moto "Audi Center Moscow - business and a little bit personal" (1st prize in local companies' motos competition in 2005);
• implementation of a new system to control advertizing effectiveness in 7 companies (automobile holding Independence).

Основное образование
2006 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics

2003 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology


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Английский - свободное владение

Немецкий - средний

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