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40 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
IT department manager, Technical Lead, CTO, CIO.
4 500 $
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва , Санкт-Петербург . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Operating Systems:

- UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Irix)
- Windows (2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista)
- AppLogic grid OS


· Name services: DNS (Bind, MS DNS), NIS/NIS+, LDAP (iPlanet Directory Server, OpenLDAP, Active Directory)
· Virtualization: AppLogic, VMWare, MS Virtual Server, XEN
· Backup software: Legato, Veritas, Amanda, Arcserve
· Disk management: Solstice DiskSuite, Veritas Volume Manager
· Patch Management: Solaris Patch Manager, Microsoft SUS/WSUS
· Mail services: Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange, Mail Daemon, SpamAssassin.
· Collaboration services: Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint 2.0/3.0, Microsoft Project
· News: INN, Leafnode, Microsoft IIS
· Web/Proxy services: Apache, Squid, IIS 5/6/7, Netscape (iPlanet)
· Application Servers: JBoss, Tomcat
· Ftp services: NcFTPd, proftpd, wu-ftpd, Microsoft IIS
· Security: IPfilter, Iptables, ssh, snort, tripwire
· Remote network access: VPN, pppd, pptpd, vtund, IPSec, OpenVPN
· Network services: dhcp, bootp, stp, vlan
· License Management: FlexLM
· Software version control: SVN (subversion), CVS, Microsoft VSS

Programming Languages/Environments:
· shell scripting (sh, bash, ksh, csh), awk, sed, tcl/tk, perl
· powershell

· MySQL 4/5
· Microsoft SQL 2000/2005

· Sun Ultra Enterprise Servers, Sun Workstations (e3500/e4500, e10k, u5/u10/u60/u80)
· RAID Arrays and JBODs: Sun A1000/D1000, D2
· Intel Architecture Servers and Workstations (i386-P4)
· NAS (network attached storage): NetApp Filers
· Cisco, Allied Telesyn, D-Link network equipment
· Watchguard Firebox network firewalls
· Symantec Gateway Security appliances
Основное образование
Высшее , Государственны Уиверситет "Львовская Политехника", кафедра "Програмное обеспечение автоматизированных систем" , 1999
Опыт работы

2008, май — продолжаю работать, 9 лет

Project Manager, Technical Lead


• Worked with 3Tera (www.3tera.com), developing custom virtual appliances for AppLogic grid operating system, using various open source and proprietary software. As a part of the delivery, specialized automated build and automated testing frameworks were developed, substantially decreasing time necessary for development and testing of products.
• Directly managed team of software developers, interacted with customer, assuring smooth development process and uninterrupted delivery.
• More than 25 appliances were developed and distributed to 3Tera customers, providing various services (database, content switching, application serving, load balancing). Quality of products was highly appreciated by both 3Tera and it’s business clients.


2003, июль — 2008, апрель, 4 года

IT Security Manger, Senior Systems Aministrator, Head of Support Center

Eleks Software

• Acted as a leader of a team, sharing responsibility for a network, consisted of 400+ workstations and 60+ servers of a different architecture (i86, sparc, pa-risc) and platform (Windows, Solaris, QNX, Linux, FreeBSD), spanned across 6 offices country-wide, in a large IT service and consulting company.
• Created and managed the IT Support Center, which delivered remote support and helpdesk support for a numerous clients and internal staff. Tasks included remote server, workstation, firewall and IDS appliance, hosted application installations, overseeing, troubleshooting and monitoring, network design, consulting.
• Designed and managed the implementation of the local area network in the new office building; supervised the company's move into the new office, ensured the seamless transition with the minimal downtime.
• Configured and maintained multilink Internet gateway that performed proxy services and traffic shaping/QOS.
• Implemented better security practices that include nightly antiviral and Trojan/spyware scans, automatic security updates installations, automatic antiviral and spam-detection scans of passing email,
• Performed Web and FTP hosting servers set-up and maintenance (Apache, IIS, NcFTPD, ProFTPD)
• VPN concentrators set-up and maintenance (IPSec, pptp)
• Mail server set-up and maintenance (Postfix, Sendmail, MDaemon, Exchange 2003/2007), KAV Antivirus, Majordomo
• Multiple Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL DB installations and maintenance.
• Centralized log processing and monitoring server set-up and maintenance. Real-time analysis of log files from 450+ workstations and servers, traffic monitoring, intrusion early detection and notification.
• Performed regular security audits of the local network
• Setting up and maintenance of the network services: dhcp, dns (Bind, MS DNS), bootp, snmp
• Restored the mission-critical data from crashed hard drives
• Administered the Windows 2000/2003-based domain (group policies, DFS, SUS/WSUS, Active Directory)
• Wrote cmd, perl and shell scripts for tasks automation
• Installed and maintained LDAP servers (Netscape, OpenLDAP, Active Directory)


2002, октябрь — 2003, июнь, 8 мес


HelloSoft, Inc.

• Rebuilt existing network achieving increased availability and reliability
• Installed virus- and spam-filtering email gateway based on Postfix, SpamAssassin and DrWeb.
• Created VPN access for out of office employees, providing secure and reliable way of accessing the Company's network resources.
• Upgraded Company's network to Windows 2000, created Domain environment.
• Deployed Microsoft CRM with Exchange 2000 and MS SQL 2000.
• Protected internal network with custom Linux-based Firewall solution.
• Managed and customized office Panasonic PBX.


2002, сентябрь — 2003, июнь, 9 мес


PhotoZig Inc.

• Customized Linux kernel for PhotoZig project. Created custom Linux distribution to suit project needs. Occasional perl programming. Selected and adopted several hardware solutions for the project.


2001, апрель — 2003, июнь, 2 года 2 мес

Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Consultant

picoTurbo Inc.

• Administered a multiplatform network based on Solaris/SunOS, MS Windows and Linux. Completely remodeled network infrastructure to increase reliability and ease of maintenance and management. Supported remote network in branch in Taiwan. Consolidated two physical networks into one logical using VPN technologies.
• Supported a number of development teams. Installed and managed proprietary bug tracking software for all ongoing projects. Implemented and controlled CVS server. Supported FlexLM licensing server. Installed developing environment for cross-compiling for ARM7/ARM9 architecture. Worked closely with users to resolve technical problems quickly and efficiently.
• Programmed the powerful backup system for Solaris and Linux systems. Used Legato Networker and Veritas NetBackup to achieve maximum reliability.
• Managed the intranet web server based on Apache, PHP, MySQL.
• Installed calendar server based on iPlanet Calendar Server and Netscape Directory.
• Installed and managed web (Apache, Netscape), ftp (NcFtpd), mail (Postfix, Sendmail), dns (BIND) servers in USA and Taiwan. Used modern antiviral and spam detection software on the mail gateways. Deployed and supported internal news server (leafnode, inn).
• Installed and supported VPN access points for remote users using PPTP and strong encryption.
• Used intrusion detection, integrity verification and warning systems for detection of network attack attempts and intrusions.
• Managed distributed network file system (raid, NFS, Veritas Volume manager, Solstice Disksuite)
• Wrote various administrative and system tools using sh, tcl, perl.


2000, ноябрь — 2001, март, 4 мес

Systems and Network Administrator

TAOS Mountain

• Performed routine sysadmin tasks on Solaris and IRIX platforms. Maintained NIS and NFS servers and clients, Solaris JumpStart servers.
• Prepared the network infrastructure layout project for a multi-branch company with mixed environment (UNIX, Windows) which included company-wide NIS and NFS availability, round-robin split DNS, WINS servers, LDAP server. Project was designed to be secure, fast and fault tolerant.
• Installed and maintained mail servers.
• Continuously self-studied and prepared for certification exams.


1997, октябрь — 2000, ноябрь, 3 года 1 мес

Systems and Network Administrator

West Wind ltd.

• Designed, installed and maintained the local networks in company's headquarters and branches. Used Solaris and Linux on PC and Alpha platforms for support of intranet web and ftp servers, NFS, DNS master and slave servers. Used Linux for internet gateway with built-in firewall to protect local network. Used Samba to consolidate networked UNIX and Windows NT/95 resources together into one solid heterogeneous environment.
• Utilized Socks, masquerading, squid http/ftp proxy to allow safe access to the internet from the local network. Used SSH as a secure tunnel to connect several branches with main office through insecure Internet connections. Installed and maintained encrypted file systems for confidential commercial data, organized safe backup and storage of this information. Wrote backup scripts using shell scripting.
• Maintained Internet domains, managed corresponding DNS servers. Used inn and leafnode software for NNTP service. Installed and maintained primary and secondary mail servers. Wrote shell scripts to automate backup and monitoring processes.
• Supervised migration of the company's main database from Microsoft Access to MySQL server for extra performance and reliability.

Основное образование
1999 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Государственны Уиверситет "Львовская Политехника", кафедра "Програмное обеспечение автоматизированных систем"


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

Итальянский - начальный

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Семейное положение

Холост , Дети есть

О себе

  ·                                 A mature and talented professional with 12+ years of IT experience as a Systems and Network Administrator‚ IT Department Leader‚ Security Manager‚ Head of Support Center‚ Technical Lead‚ Project Manager.
·                                 Expertise in all aspects of UNIX and Windows System Administration‚ security technologies implementation‚ systems maintenance‚ network protocols and technologies. Extensive experience with Internet and Intranet services and applications with in-depth understanding of network and host security‚ intrusion detection and prevention with on-hands implementation expertise. Strong background supporting complex heterogeneous environments.
·                                 Excellent problem solving abilities and user support skills. Analytic mind‚ capable for solving complex problems and leading large teams. Able to work under pressure with no supervision. Great interpersonal and communication skills‚ a quick learner‚ result-oriented‚ very well-organized‚ highly reliable.
·                                 Experienced in managing and leading teams of IT professionals‚ achieving designated targets‚ meeting deadlines‚ leading projects to success.