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37 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Sales manager, продавец, представитель, менеджер по продажам
2 000 $
График, место работы
Ищу работу в городе: Москва .
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Qualifications:General Manager/Sales Manager/Representative with over nine years of experience in wide range of products and services in customer service, sales, supervising, training and motivating sales staff; planning sales strategies; managing a regional territory; and increasing sales revenues

** 2004 won an award by Ameritel - American Telecommunications Inc for outstanding performance
** 2005 have attended and completed corporate training in American Telecommunications Inc headquarters By T-mobile -USA (deutsche telekom) Team.
Основное образование
Среднее профессиональное , The University School, New York , 2002
Опыт работы

2005, ноябрь — 2008, июль, 2 года 8 мес

General Manager/Управляющий розничной сетью

CellTech: Brooklyn, New York

•Supervised and ran entire chain of retail stores (Telecommunication)
•Recruited and trained new staff
•Managed and prioritized cases under various circumstances
•Managed and worked with new as well as existing clientele
•Marketing and advertising on the local radio station as well as brochures, posters, flyers and presentations
•Planning and implementing new sales techniques and programs
•Arranging corporate meetings
•Opening and supervising new retail locations – working with various real estate agencies, Landlords, local community representatives, legal services, accountants and construction contractors (companies)
•Managing stock and filled in orders
•Payroll for employees

Основное образование
2002 г.в.

Среднее профессиональное

The University School, New York

Business Management

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Французский - средний

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