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резюме (IT Manager)

35 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
IT Manager
120 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва , Московская область (80  городов) , Владимирская область (1  город) , Воронежская область (1  город) , Калининградская область (1  город) , . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Spheres of competence
Windows 2003 server
Lotus Domino Server
Processing of orders
Management of deliveries
Financial systems
Department budgeting
Management of an projects
Planning of restoration after extreme situations
Security, video systems

Additional information
I have knowledge and skills in following technologies and programming languages: Microsoft IIS, Delphi6.0 (creation of a DB, SQL-inquiries), Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta (programming language X ++), Scala Business Solution, c ++, Perl, Pascal, HTML, Java Scripts, ASP, MathCAD, Prolog, Erwin, BPwin, Magic Draw UML.
Основное образование
Высшее , mathematical faculty , 2004
Опыт работы

2005, апрель — продолжаю работать, 12 лет

IT manager, financial department

Swedwood Karelia LLC company, Republic of Karelia, Kostomuksha

• Consultation of administration and all employees of the company concerning application of means of computer facilities and information technologies. Was responsible for IT department operation.
• Equipment organization of the company of program and hardware, searching and attraction of suppliers, the tenders doing.
• Management of development of informational infrastructure of the company.
• Management of project implementation on connection of the company to the fiber-optical channel of a provider, and also project cost decreasing on 1.5 million rubles.
• Has successfully introduced the telephone system of Nortel Company on the enterprise and has debugged an IP-telephony.
• Was responsible for 3 networks WAN/LAN.
• Analysis and drawing up of the IT budget, the analysis of inquiries of users, planning and the analysis of development of technologies.
• Has offered and developed the procedures raising reliability of an information infrastructure of the company with use of technologies SQL and LTO. Has offered and developed a policy of a safety of data and protection of a network, using new technologies.
• Participation on introduction of ERP-system Scala Business Solution. Has installed and adjusted the Reporting-server for a reports output from the system.
• Has installed the Client-bank system for sending in to banks are documents of payments, transfer of means that has led to decrease in expenses for delivery of documents.
• Has started and debugged Lotus Domino Server for corporate using an e-mail, and supported work of the server also.
• Organization of training of employees of the company that has raised productivity of a work.
• Writing of a technical documentation within the limits of certain business-processes.
• Definition and documentation of standards of work of the company in IT sphere, writing of job descriptions for department employees, take care about job interviews.
• Documentation of made networks, collect of needed certificates, writing of a technical tasks for a subcontractors.
• Realization of installations, adjustments and optimization of software.
• Realization of administration and technical support of a local network of the company, organization of employees support.
• Implementation of the network devices for a high-grade network functioning of the company on the basis of Cisco systems.
• Implementation of internal network protection system from outside attacks on the basis of system Cisco ASA. Has adjusted VPN connection through the given equipment for a safe access to company’s resources through Internet.
• Monitoring of all existing software, implemented from the beginning of an origin of the enterprise.
• Monitoring of movement commodities and materials concerning to IT structure.
• Choice of mobile and fixed provider and negotiations with them with a view of economy of company's resources that has led to decreased expenses (a mobile communication – 40%; a fixed communication – 60%).
• Controlling of mobile communication usage by employees, definition of monthly limits, which, also, has led lowering of expenses for a mobile communication, leading of expenses log.
• Project management of implementation of video-observation system in security point of view.
• Project management of implementation of access control system (Perco, Bolid, Orion).
• Substitution of security manager in his vacation time.
• Project management of time & attendance system of employees working at production, with integration in to Scala system salary module.
• Budget process for all projects, concerning sphere of IT competence.
• Effectively supervised and motivated of department employees, has organized productive work in the team.


2004, октябрь — 2005, март, 5 мес

Adviser, the Axapta department

Northwest KK LLC ("Korus Consulting"), St.-Petersburg

It is certificated by corporation Microsoft of system Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta in Logistics and Finance directions (the certificates are presented).
• Modelling of situations in logistic contour, the finance, the capital assets (modules: Calculations with clients, Calculations with suppliers, Storekeeping, the Permanent assets, the Ledger, etc.) in ERP-system Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta.
• I was engaged in a writing of technical documentation of use of system to destination in a cut certain areas of the project (the user's guide, the description of found "bugs"), tasks for development for programmers with a view of addition new functionality to the system.
• I was engaged in interviewing of companies directors, administrative board of firm-customers with a view of preparation of the offer on system implementation.
• Performed the description of business-processes of firm-customers work. Revealing of work lacks in divisions of firm-customers, the offer on amendment and full documenting of business-processes.


2003, май — 2004, октябрь, 1 год 5 мес

Manager of sales department

Sirius CJSC, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk

• Work with all kinds of clients.
• Sale of computer hardware, accessories, software.
• Entering of new ideas into the organization of business of the company, involving of potential clients.
• I was engaged in the organization of work of employees in submission (4 persons).
• Carried out the analysis of the computer market in Petrozavodsk city.
• I worked in service department, being engaged in assembly, adjustment, testing of hardware and installation software, and, also, training of new employees.


2002, май — 2003, июнь, 1 год 1 мес

Administrator of Computer Club

Arteks LLC, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk

• I was engaged in administration of computer club.
• I was engaged in assembly of workstations, and also repair of suitable units of hardware.
• Made installation and adjustment of software, a laying of local networks and adjustment of the network equipment.

Основное образование
2004 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

mathematical faculty

Information systems and technologies Management

qualification the engineer-programmer is appropriated

Дополнительное образование

2008 г.в.

Курсы, повышение квалификации

Swedwood International AB, Poland, Pogozhelica

IBM Lotus Domino 6.x Administration Workshop, course


2005 г.в.

Korus Konsulting, Saint-Petersburg

Microsoft® Business Solutions Certified Professional in Axapta Finance 3.0, The certificated specialist


2005 г.в.

Korus Konsulting, Saint-Petersburg

Microsoft® Business Solutions Certified Professional in Axapta Trade & Logistics 3.0, The certificated specialist


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

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Женат , Дети есть

О себе

The brief description
Motivated‚ the head of a department focused on result‚ the expert on information technologies with extensive experience in all IT aspects and a management of the given division. An operational experience with ERP-systems Axapta‚ Scala.
I search for a position in the dynamical company connected with using‚ introduction of ERP-systems and the servicing‚ working on the basis of Windows NT/2003‚ with use of technologies SQL‚ VPN‚ TCP‚ IP-telephony.
I was responsible for a corporate network of the middle enterprise‚ internal policy of the company in IT sphere‚ the analysis of business-processes‚ an estimation of risk‚ internal planning of business-processes.
Professional interests
Modern technologies and technologies of automation.
Planning of uninterrupted functioning of division of the company.  
Search of new decisions for optimization of manufacture.
Protection and upholding of interests of the company.
Sustention useful contacts.
Deeper studying of foreign languages.

Family. Reading of scientific and historical literature. Sport‚ cars. Dialogue with my friends.  
Thanks letter signed by general director of Swedwood Karelia LLC for a diligent and long-term work.
Personal qualities
Reliable‚ obligatory‚ I possess highly expressed personal qualities and the good initiative‚ I can easily travel‚ sociable‚ I love honesty‚ good leadership‚ positive attitude to a life is well expressed.