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47 лет, женщина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Director of representative office, business development director, head of marketing department
150 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки

Professional Manager (director):
· Good experience in managing of all aspects of the enterprise, its commercial, industrial, financial and economic component, vast experience and expertise in equipping life support systems of an enterprise (electricity, heat supply, telecommunications, transport, communications), knowledge of sanitary norms and work rules of an enterprise;
· Head of a company, experienced in all stages of management structural unit, experienced in operational management of industrial and economic and financial-economic activities of enterprises, development projects, «start-up» projects, opening of branches. Good practice of enterprises development from initial stage and their further arrangement, reorganization of the administrative and management structure of the company, its staff list, performance evaluation and motivation of personnel, document circulation system, a system of information management flows, regulation of business processes, management and coordination of the interaction of structural units, increasing of the labor discipline level and human resource management, formation of the management team, staff recruitment;
· In the area of commerce (foundations of existence of a modern enterprise) experienced in design, development and implement of a product line and pricing, marketing research, analysis, and expansion of customer base, training and activities to promote sales, building of effective sales, product development and new markets. Good experience in organizing of an enterprise facilities, organization of storage facilities, development of internal and external logistic schemes of commodity circulation, interaction with suppliers and buyers, long-term partnership maintaining, conducting of effective negotiations with top officials of the companies;
· Good practical knowledge in the legal field. I follow the policy of conflicts settlement and issues at the initial stage, establishing and maintaining of business dealings with security forces, municipal and state control and licensing structures. Compromise is possible in any situation, «war without casualties on both sides does not happen, and there are no absolute winners». Practical skills of effective, legitimate communication with officials
v RAP Certified Accountant with 12-year experience in the area of accounting, reporting and taxation
v RAP Certificated Auditor
v Deep knowledge of RAS and IFRS/GAAP standards and requirements. Experience in transformation of RAP-reporting into IFRS/GAAP standards:
· Have practical knowledge in accounting, management accounts, tax legislation, have experience in financial
planning, creating and managing budgets, establishing of a system of internal control, preventing steal age;
Основное образование
Высшее , Московский государственный университет культуры и искусств , 2007
Опыт работы

2009, июнь — продолжаю работать, 8 лет

Administrative Director

Matrix Agritech

Directly supervised personnel – 6 persons
• Provision of office life, correct operation of office equipment and communications;
• Conclusion of lease contracts. Conclusion of contracts for rendering of services;
• Purchase of paper, water, office supplies, furniture, office equipment and consumables;
• Organization of employees workplaces (including “zero circle”);
• Annual subscription to periodicals and distribution of mail between departments;
• Control and organization of couriers work, cleaners, driver;
• Organization of interactions between Services Engineer, System Administrator, telephone operator, video surveillance;
• Provision of corporate mobile communications, monitoring of payments and expenditures;
• Maintenance of timely payment for rent, fixed phone, internet, etc.;
• Formation of office expenses budget, stocktaking;
• Preparation and printing of letters, memos, financial reports, pivot tables, powers of attorney;
• Assistance in preparation for exhibitions. Order of business cards, advertising materials;
• Co-ordination of business trips (tickets booking, hotel reservation);
• Preparing of training rooms for seminars, organization of in-house activities.
Achievements: Minimizing of office expenses, production workflow


2008, ноябрь — 2009, март, 4 мес

Director of the company


Directly supervised personnel – 15 person
• Ensure smooth operation of the organization, housekeeping, administrative, operational activities (contracts, coordination, interaction with state structures, accounting and financial reporting, monitoring);
• Create and implement programs to promote the beauty salon and increase revenue by selling services (BTL: promotions, OS-materials, sampling, event-marketing; ATL: advertising media, outdoor advertising, Internet site development; PR: Work with the media) ;
• The management of the salon and training center at its base (planning, pricing, development of sales incentive programs - a system of discounts);
• Organization of staff work (recruitment, training, evaluation);
• Monitoring, planning and provision of services sales and club cards, related products
• Maintain customer base, attraction of new customers, sales analysis;
• Work with suppliers, procurement policies (for hairdressers-L'Oreal, Wella; for cosmetologists - Natura Bisse, Academie; for manicure and pedicure-Gehwol, OPI, ORLY).
Achievements: Restoring reputation of the business, forming of the professional team, restoring of business process.


2008, июль — 2008, ноябрь, 4 мес

Business development director

«RIA «Standards and quality»

Directly supervised personnel – 8 persons
• Restoration of the marketing department, approval of job descriptions
• Control group (8 pers.) In the following areas of work:
Development and analysis of marketing research products on the market B2B (segmentation, promotion, SWOT-analysis, ABC analysis, forecast sales, market trends, recommendations for introduction of a new product, etc.), using quantitative and qualitative research methods, monitoring competitors;
preparation of marketing reports and presentations of researched results;
internal analysis: providing of the necessary information on the basis of marketing research and sales analysis units publishers (editorial), analysis of the editorial board functioning;
external analyst: qualitative and quantitative research of the book market (AC Nielsen, Business Analytics, Magram market research); Work with external marketing agencies (planning, coordination, control studies)
• Work with editors, publishers, and training of affiliates working with reports and analysis of marketing information;
• Development and analysis of new directions of the development for the publishing house;
• Creation of strategic and tactical plans of the company, finding ways of achievement financial objectives;
• Building plans for marketing activities. Plan your marketing budget
• Analysis of the marketing tools effectiveness. The system of feedback;
• Proposals for the formation of pricing policies; Preparation of sales plan;
• Holding of shares for sales promotion (methods «Pushing», «Extension»);
• Development of strategies for the advertising of company. Planning and control of the advertising budget, implementation of promotional activities, assess their effectiveness;
• Management of the development, manufacture and placement of promotional materials:
• BTL: promotions, POS-materials, sampling, event-marketing; ATL: distribution and sale of advertising in the media, outdoor advertising, Internet; PR;
• Analysis of promotional and advertising campaigns before and after the elections, ensuring maximum effectiveness of promotional activities while minimizing the financial cost;
• Develop, launch and support of corporate, website promotion and other web-projects;
• Developing the concept PR-companies; Adapting and writing new articles on products, press releases. Organization of press conferences and “round tables”.
• Developed marketing plan for the company in accordance with the corporate strategy ( company current position on the market, company targets for the future development );
• Completed the company’s business plan;
• Prepared offers on creation of a brand of the company, and also the offer on possibility of separate creation brands on products (3 magazines);
• Creation of database under the project “Leaders of the industry to HIGH SCHOOLS of Russia”;
• Organized participation of the company in exhibitions: Moscow International Auto Salon 2008, Moscow International Tourist exhibition & LEISURE – 2008;
• Practical experience and knowledge of processes on new products development («Business Perfection» magazine);
• Developed and introduced new web-projects ( subscription for magazines via Internet, sale of electronic articles ).


2007, декабрь — 2008, июль, 7 мес

Project manager of marketing strategy creation

Publishing house «Naychtehlitizdat»

• Formation of the company a positive image;
• Formation of corporate identity and company branding advertising products;
• Analysis of competitors, market research, planning a marketing budget;
• PR-support, monitoring of public opinion;
• Public address, interviews of the company's representatives in the press. Writing press releases; Organization of promotional events, exhibitions;
• Weekly News mailing, barter advertising;
• Conclusion and maintenance of contracts with advertisers.
• Organized regular mass-media and competitors sites monitoring, control and the analysis of the information about the market;
• Increased printed matters sales by 11 % after participation at the exhibition;
• Increased number of advertisers by 3 % as a result of development of program of realization;
• Increased printed matters sales by 9 % as a result of the company web-site promotion;
• Carried out presentations in the scientific-artistic environment; attracted new authors for the publication in the magazines of the publishing house.


2002, июнь — 2007, ноябрь, 5 лет

Director of the company


Directly supervised personnel – 18 persons
• Management of company's current activities, strategic and operational management, financial management: monitoring of the financial accounting, control over pricing, the maximum profit and cost reduction, achievement of breakeven;
• Budgeting (preparation and execution of budgets), building of accounting systems, management of pricing and margin, managing inventory and working capital turnover: managing relationships with suppliers;
• Hiring and supervision of personnel, development and implementation of effective motivational organization and training of personnel management tools, organization of an optimal workflow, the formation of personnel policy;
• Participation in the formation of brand strategy. Participation in the formation of the assortment matrix. Organization of marketing research. Analytics (market, sales, brand);
• Monitoring implementation. Sales promotion;
• Preparation of marketing communications a plan. Select mediastrategy;
• Evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing plan activities;
• Developing and implementing promotional policies: the Internet, glossy magazines, television.
• Development of promotions marketing. Increased loyalty formation of service an effective system;
• Formation of the image. Implementation of programs for public relations: the development and placement of advertisements in the media. Formation of mass media base and conditions of working with them;
• A set of activities on creation and visualization of brand image (audio and video clips, WEB-resource);
• Planning, organizing and holding events for local authorities and press. Organization of concerts;
• Work with TV channels: TNT, NTV, Home. The presence of contacts on the market of advertising and media products. Effective interaction with marketing (research) and PR agencies;
• Provision of administrative and economic activities: coordination of the necessary documents with the district administration, DIGM, SES and other authorities;
• Conducting negotiations. Conclusion commercial, advertising contracts; Control of proposals (prices) suppliers.
• Experience of creation of the enterprise from initial stage in Moscow. Promotion of business within 5 years;
• Reduction of tax risks as result of competent statement of the accounting and financial account; Application of optimum price policy as a result of enterprise’s business-plan development;
• Increase of service rendered by 18%; more customers were attracted as a result of the effective price policy ( calculation of the prices for services and creation of the price-list );
• Minimization tax risks for the enterprise due to introduction of the simplified tax system;
• 5% cost reduction for the enterprise due to introduction of budget and planning processes and system;
• Maintenance of balance liquidity as a result of carrying out of the enterprise’s a financial and economic condition analysis (the analysis of the accounting reporting, the horizontal and vertical analysis, calculation of financial factors);
• Economy of time and assets by introduction of new software product (problem statement is carried out by me) on movement of financial assets and reporting drawing up about results of the company financial activity;
• Increase of sales by 27 % as a result of development and introduction of new types of services and modernizations of already existing services;
• Creation of good and friendly working climate in the company as a result of good staff selection; lead to a higher quality of services offered to customers.


1999, июль — 2002, май, 2 года 10 мес

Chief accountant\ Deputy Finance Comptroller

Representative office and ZAO Lucent Technologies

Directly supervised personnel – 15 persons in 3 in 3 branches
• A full range of accounting, tax, managerial accounting. Preparation of internal financial reporting. The positive experience of participation in the consideration of tax disputes with the tax authorities of the organization;
• Formation of accounting policies, chart of accounts, development and organization of documents, work with contracts for tax consequences. Projected planning, tax planning and optimization of tax accounting. Collection and consolidation of information for the formation of the company's budget. Overlap of responsibilities of the financial director and chief accountant;
• Preparation of orders, instructions, and regulations. Professional work with accounting software. The positive experience of passing the audit, office, and counter-checks of the tax authorities. Preparation of documents for tax audits;
• Organization of the accounting department (15 people, 3 branches);
• Experience in adaptation of the Russian reporting forms to the corporate financial reporting, including profit and loss
statement, cash flow report, balance sheet;
• Experience in optimization of accounting processes for simplification of reporting procedures.
• Traffic control the financial resources of the enterprise and management of financial relations in order to the most effective use of all resources in the production and sale of products (goods, works and services), and maximizing profits;
• Drafting and presentation of monthly management accounts for the company and consolidated accounts. Cost control, management accounting and reporting.
• Experience in financial analysis and construction of budgeting systems, in financial planning and forecasting in all aspects of corporate finance;
• Production Accounting: Experience in the development of regulatory costs; Practical experience in coding and pricing for the production procedures.
• Obtaining positive auditors’ report as a result of the company accounting books restoration due to changes in document flow, corporate accounting procedures;
• Saving 300000 US dollars for the company after introduction of procedure of covering R&D costs;
• Saving 250000 US dollars after introduction of procedure on tax returns for foreign legal entities on the territory of Russia
• Saving 550000 US dollars of procedure on division of the company and formation of 2 independent legal entities;
• Reduction of headcount expenses in accounting department due to changes in accounting procedure and data flow between of the head office and branches in the regions;
• Creation and realization of procedure for legal closing of branches/structural divisions.

Основное образование
2007 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Московский государственный университет культуры и искусств

1999 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

С-Петербургский Университет, экономический факультет

1998 г.в.

Курсы переподготовки

Университет экономики и финансов

Член Ассоциации профессиональных бухгалтеров, Сертифицированный аудитор
1986 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Ленинградский Кораблестроительный институт,Кораблестроительный факультет


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

Немецкий - начальный

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Семейное положение

Не замужем , Детей нет

О себе

  Personal experience:
¨       Pro-active self-starter with high level of self-motivation‚ accuracy‚ efficiency‚ responsibility;
¨       Ability to work on multitasks and solve problems. Ability to learn  big information flows;
¨       Ability to operate and show the initiative‚ high level of self-motivation‚ responsibility;
¨       Enthusiastic team player with an outgoing‚ friendly communication style; but can be tough as well;
¨       Flexible quick learner who enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new processes;
¨       Good knowledge of key functions and business processes in big holdings.