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36 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Project Manager
1 000 $
График, место работы
Ищу работу в городе: Москва , Санкт-Петербург . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Experienced user in Windows, Word, Excel and Power Point, expert in Visio and AutoCAD and familiar with Microsoft Project
Основное образование
Высшее , Business School of Central European University – Budapest, Hungary , 2009
Опыт работы

2005, июль — 2008, октябрь, 3 года 3 мес

Project Manager, Automation Department Head Assistant

“EngineerMarket” PLC, Samara, Russia

People management
• Guiding the Projecting Department (2 employees)
• Guiding the Automation Department (10 employees) during the Head`s absence
• Coordinating programmers, designers, engineers and workers
Full cycle projects
• Making up commercial offers
• Developing agreements on projecting, mounting and servicing
• Pricing and estimating projects
• Taking part in designing
• Making orders and tracking them
• Conducting work at the assembly department
• Managing, scheduling, organizing, accommodating and determining tasks for workers
• Providing manufacturing sequence of building and assembly jobs
• Conducting balancing and commissioning
• Providing the execution of the plan of putting objects into operation in terms of schedule, design and money
• Handing-over of the works for supervision authorities and customers
• Managing and introducing systems into service
• Liaising and negotiating with adjoining firms
• Liaising and negotiating with customers and potential clients
• Liaising and negotiating with vendors
Bid Management
• Conducting industrial and economic feasibility studies of new objects
• Assessing of cost-effectiveness of new equipment
• Proposing engineering solutions
• Developing customer-facing documentation
• Developing technico-economic proposals for potential customers
• Developing conceptions and requirements specification
• Tendering and pricing
• Dealing with mounting, designing, programming and adjusting of engineering equipment
• Having deep knowledge in automation and dispatching
• Having knowledge in the following systems: ventilation, cooling, smoke removal, heating, water supply, sewerage, pump works, transforming station, lighting, elevators and escalators, burglar and fire alarm
Professional development:
Developing the conception of Logistic Center in Moscow (over 300 000 m2 consisting 11 system for automation)
Skills: communication skills, mastered new engineer systems
Managing exploratory design and burglar and fire alarm system of shopping centre “Rubin” (70 000 m2) in Samara, Russia
Responsibilities: meeting with customers and adjoining companies, writing a conception and feasibility study
Skills: ability to negotiate with different stakeholders, ability to work under pressure
Managing full circle projects of automation of all engineering systems of shopping centers "Park House" in Samara, Togliatti and Yekaterinburg ( total 200 000 m2), Russia
Responsibilities: coordinating team of 15 people, liaising with customers, designers, vendors, contractors and supervision authorities
Skills: leadership and team-working skills, communication skills, business development and strategic planning skills
Assembling, starting-up and adjustment, putting into operation the self-contained boiler-room of the hospital center in Samara, the boiler-rooms of the kindergarten and the school in the city of Isakly (Samara region), Russia
These projects helped me to believe in myself, proved my ability to take up responsibilities, revealed my leadership qualities and my ability to make independent decisions

Основное образование
2009 г.в.

Высшее образование (магистр)

Business School of Central European University – Budapest, Hungary

MSc in IT Management
2003 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Samara State Technical University - Samara, Russia

Division of Automation and Management in Technical Systems
2003 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Samara State Technical University - Samara, Russia

Division of Automation and Management in Technical Systems

Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение

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Холост , Детей нет

О себе

Highly motivated‚ reliable and enthusiastic Project Manager with 3 years of experience in delivering customer-focused solutions in a number of situations‚ with engineering background and MSc degree in Management  
Specific expertise in mall automation‚ responsible for managing big projects and small start-ups‚ proven ability in conducting full cycle projects and good communicator‚ leader as well as team-player  
Seeking the next challenge in Project Management area after a highly productive year in Business School