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35 лет, женщина


Желаемая должность и зарплата
Trade Marketing Manager
180 000 руб.
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва .
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Advanced PC user (Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes)
Основное образование
Высшее , 2004 The Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances , 2004
Опыт работы

2009, июнь — продолжаю работать, 8 лет

Communications Manager (Premium brands) in Horeca

British American Tobacco

•Monitor trends in target consumer’s behavior in Horeca channel, competitor’s activities, consumer traffic in different types of Horeca outlet in order to develop brands’ consumer insight in HORECA and description of outlets where brand target consumers are dominating
•Identify opportunities for active consumer communication in HORECA channel, propose and develop ways to utilize these opportunities to contribute into strategic brands performance and channel objectives.
•Based on market situation, brands and channel strategies, to develop and ensure continuous improvement of HORECA active communication programs / promotions for premium strategic brands and different types of outlets and cities.
•In line with brands and channel strategies to draw up HORECA communication strategy which will include active communication programs and events targeted to brand’s target consumers.
•In conjunction with Brand Managers to plan the implementation and evaluate active consumer communication promotions for Horeca channels and specific outlet types in order to maximize return on investment and ensure adequate levels of consumer participation on time and according to devoted budgets.
•Ensure effective communication and implementation process of consumer communication activities/promotions by the Horeca team (4people) and team of Horeca Promoters (8 people).
•Ensure the most relevant and professional 3rd party suppliers selected for the planned activities execution.
•Hire, train and motivate Horeca team to ensure highest levels of competency and professionalism in their work; constantly supervise and monitor their performance.
•Ensure that HORECA communication budget is spent in the most effective and efficient manner and according to agreed time schedule.


2007, декабрь — 2009, июнь, 1 год 6 мес

Non-Conventional Communication channel and Innovations Manager

В той же компании: British American Tobacco

•Identify opportunities for communication of Global premium brands beyond the traditional Horeca
•Work out long-term/ short term plans and implement them to ensure company competitive advantage
•New touchpoints/ ways of communication exploration to secure communication platform if ad ban comes
•Relevant consumer engagement activities development and implementation
•Budget management for the assigned projects, KPIs set up and control
•Establish the innovative culture within the organization
•Global consumer trends monitoring & applying into BAT processes/ brands/ activities
•Team development: direct reports (2people) and HoReCa related employees education via trainings initiation
•Effective network establishment with other BAT markets, industries


2006, март — 2007, декабрь, 1 год 9 мес

Planning Manager

В той же компании: British American Tobacco

•Ensure channel classification according to consumer segments, brand portfolio and brand strategies
•Support Horeca Channel Development Manager in the definition of trade and route to market strategy, defining Horeca universe requirements based on the overall Marketing strategy
•Develop and ensure implementation of trade and brand coverage plans for Horeca channel
•Develop and propose annual Horeca channel objectives in terms of availability, visibility, volume, margin, quality (e.g. RQI) and customer price of products and develop guidelines for Regional Teams to achieve these objectives
•Develop and constantly update B2B Horeca strategy in line with brand strategies and Trade Marketing objectives
•Develop and ensure constant update of contracting internal procedure, contracting schemes with outlets, contracts forms and terms.
•Identify and propose ways of addressing business opportunities in the channel as they arise with a clear understanding of channel dynamics, Global trends, competition and consumer behavior
•Ensure that the national Horeca database is built and maintained in the relevant company systems
•Ensure that trade investments terms and effective budget monitoring system are developed and implemented to secure the optimal level of trade-related investments
•Ensure input of channel specific developments including competitors' activity, customer / account sales data and other relevant information is continuously provided to the company information systems in order to address channel business opportunities
•Initiate and oversee development of permanent POP materials which are specifically tailored to the needs of the Horeca channel and are in line with the brand strategy
•Ensure Cycle instructions for channel field force are provided on time in full
•Manage subordinates (3 people) through on-job training, motivation and development
•Ensure that BAT Horeca team is well-trained on BAT systems
•Manage trade related Horeca budget ensuring resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner


2005, сентябрь — 2006, март, 6 мес

Customer Relationship Manager

В той же компании: British American Tobacco

•HoReCa universe classification approach work out
•Develop approaches and propose tools for Trade Marketing achievement (e.g. contracting, customer engagement programs)
•Ensure the procedures and required tools cascaded to the regional team for KPIs fullfilment
•B2B programs development, implementation and evaluation (for key partners, e.g. key accounts; retail staff – waiters & barmen)
•Manage agencies: creative and external suppliers
•Budget planning and management for B2B activities


2004, сентябрь — 2005, сентябрь, 1 год

Brand Marketing Executive

В той же компании: British American Tobacco

•Consumer communication activities development, roll-out and evaluation
•OOH (ATL, print) activities/ standard and non-standard POS materials development
•Loyalty programs development for retail outlets staff
•Creative agency briefing and management
•Brand research initialization; brief and KPIs work out, research result analysis

Основное образование
2004 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

2004 The Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances


Владение языками

Английский - свободное владение