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38 лет, мужчина


Гражданство: Россия

Желаемая должность и зарплата
Product manager
по договоренности
График, место работы
Полный рабочий день. Ищу работу в городе: Москва . Командировки возможны.
Стаж в желаемой должности
5 лет
Профессиональные навыки
Основное образование
Высшее , Institute of business, psychology and management , 2009
Опыт работы

2009, июнь — продолжаю работать, 8 лет

Head of product management group

OOO «MDM-COMPLECT» (www.mdm-complect.ru)

• Forming of a product range based on market needs.
• Analysis of the prices and developing the prices strategies.
• Coordination and implementation of technical and marketing researches.
• Development and fulfillment of marketing plans.
• Planning and organizing sales support activities: presentations, educations and client visits.
• Preparing technical enquiry for point of sales materials: posters, leaflets, banners.
• Negotiations with potential and existing suppliers.
• Netto yearly margin increase 10-12%.
• Completed technical documentation maintenance for all range of the products.
• Amount of illiquid goods was decreased by 18% for this year.
• Developed and printed new leaflets for the products, posters, new catalogue of the company.
• Has held the seminars for clients and educations in the branches for sales managers.


2009, апрель — 2009, июнь, 2 мес

Development manager

OOO «Trivoli plant» (Kuhonniy dvor www.kuxdvor.ru)

• Monitoring of market and customer activities and factory range adaptation to their needs.
• Sales efficiency analyses and marketing strategy preparation.
• Increasing sales and decreasing costs of all supply chain of the factory.
• Creating and implementing business processes for supporting sales and production in order to decrease costs.
• Organization of the advertising activities.
• Increasing dealers network activities.
• Developed brief and technical description for the first company catalogue.
• Basing on the results of the branches launched an elaboration of the education program for sales.


2008, апрель — 2008, декабрь, 8 мес

Methodology and development manager

CB «Renessans Capital» (www.rencredit.ru)

• Creating new bank products for Agent sales Department.
• Creating and implementing efficient business processes in the field of bank products sales.
• Managing the administrative staff.
• Quality assurance of the processes and instructions.
• Control and support of the regional branches in order to assist them in achieving the sales plans and meeting all requirements and procedures.
• Creating of IT solutions in order to support sales and making sales process more efficient. Development of new additional applications to the bank systems.
• Being a part of the “Agent sales” project in bank, our team (4 persons) are managed within 6 months successfully over it.
• During my work I have created the efficient statistics gathering method to control the bank’s activity and have implemented it. It allows to improving the method of calculating the commission. In turn it expanded Bank’s net over 24% because it provides for inclusion of more types of the contractors.
• Procedures for supporting sales were created and implemented. It includes full package of instructions for administrative personnel.
• Were creating four additional applications to bank systems that aim to decrease the number of staff and make the sales and statistics gathering faster.


2007, август — 2008, февраль, 6 мес

Quality and environmental auditor

LLC “IKEA TORG” (www.ikea.ru)

• Performing audits of suppliers and IKEA units in order to compliance with environmental legislation and IKEA standards.
• Performing audits of quality systems of suppliers.
• Risks analysis. Prepare recommendation for reducing it.
• Investment projects control. Evaluation of the supplier capability.
• Assisting to the purchasing teams in order to strengthen the suppliers quality systems.
• Standards and methodology development.
• I’ve created the methods aimed to perform audits more rapidly and reduce the time needed for the audit without any losses of information.
• I’ve made the history database of all performed audits in Russia.


2004, март — 2007, август, 3 года 5 мес

Technical representative in trading

В той же компании: LLC “IKEA TORG” (www.ikea.ru)

• Technology audits of the supplier before order placement.
• New products development in accordance with customer’s needs.
• Price generation and supplier technological support in decreasing costs processes.
• Quality control of the supplier’s goods at all stages of the supply chain.
• Packaging solutions development in order to decrease costs.
• Testing of the furniture in order to ensure its compliance with international standards.
• Claim handling and risks decreasing.
• I was responsible for the two biggest IKEA suppliers. For the first supplier I have decreased the claim quantity by 5 times. Launched 37 new products. For the second supplier within one year I totally reduced the number of claims. I have launched 14 new making products. Then I was moved to the supplier development group. Where I have successfully started deliveries at two new suppliers from point zero. During my work in this position price development level of my suppliers was -3.2% per year.


2001, май — 2004, март, 2 года 10 мес

Administrator of customer service department




1996, декабрь — 2001, апрель, 4 года

Deputy chairman




1995, апрель — 1996, ноябрь, 1 год 7 мес


LLC “Step”


Основное образование
2009 г.в.

Высшее образование (специалист)

Institute of business, psychology and management

Production manager
2002 г.в.

Неполное высшее

Moscow aviation institute

Engineer in microelectronic systems
Дополнительное образование

2008 г.в.

Курсы, повышение квалификации


Sales management., .


2007 г.в.

ILC Россия

Negotiation skills, .


2007 г.в.

ILC Италия

Techniques for conducting audits of quality systems., .


2007 г.в.

ILC Россия

Cost analyses., .


2005 г.в.

ILC Швеция

Building quality system at production floor, .


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I like to develop myself, achieving the results and learn something new. I don’t have any fear to face challenges. I like to make things happened. Fast learning person.